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Lady (59) With Sever Knee Pain Yells “I’m Stuck”…

A few days back, I received this interesting question from an email subscriber with knee pain.

It’s a question a LOT of people with Knee Pain ponder over:

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“Paul … I am really beginning to wonder if anything can actually be done (about my knee).

All of the advice I’ve taken from my GP, from friends and even what bits on the Internet I’ve read, tells me that ever so many people suffer from knee pain and stiffness, almost as if it’s “normal” …

And I get the impression that if it’s not always severe, then I should be grateful for the ability to even get out of bed on a morning.

I’m a 53-year-old lady, an office worker from Durham and desperately NOT ready to give up on life as I know it.

I have turned my back on medication years ago, I desperately don’t want to go back down that route and I want to find a way to support my self (and my knee) naturally through this situation – I want to live without the fear of side affects or existing inside a life that is trapped by regular trips to the doctor.

I’ve tried exercises – I really have.

A couple of Pilates classes at the local gym too, but those were too painful to continue.

I lost some weight on the advice of my GP and even bought a book on Amazon about the ways that I could manage this problem all by myself.

So far, I’m not doing it very well, am I ?

Some friends of mine say that I should just give up and accept it, but I’m not wanting to do that.

I’m getting seriously worried about my long term health, I’ve noticed my back beginning to tighten and feel stiff too, my exercise is limited because I feel so stiff, and that can’t be good for health in general, can it?

I’m now even worried that my weight will pile back on too – which I know will make my knee pain even worse.

I feel really stuck!

And not sure what to do because although I’m keen on trying Physio, I went to see someone once who said she was a Physio, but it didn’t do too much to help me.

Is it just me?

And a friend of mine who is much younger than I am also tried physio with the NHS and only got exercises.

If physio couldn’t help someone younger than me, what chance have I got?

So what I’m trying to say is, although I like the sound of what you’re offering, I’m actually very sceptical and still not 100% sure about coming to see another physio… what do you advise?

Thanks for listening, keep up the nice emails.”

– Elane, D. 59, Whitby

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…This email got a LONG response from me and here’s a sneak preview of what I wrote back:

I get the impression that Elane is thinking this:

That every physio is the same and every physio does the same.

But it’s just NOT true. <====

There’s a situation where some Physios out there do very little hands-on style treatment.

Yet from us… rightly expect as much as 80-90% of your sessions to be done physically and by hand.

(Massage, stretching etc…)

That’s because it’s the FASTEST way to get you better, active and feeling healthy.

Problem is, it’s also the HARDEST.

(For the Physio that is…)

It’s tiresome and pretty handwork, massaging and stretching as many as 20 people all day long.

And that’s why so many Physios opt out of doing it.

Because it’s so much easier to just give you a few exercises and a bit of general advice.

But that’s what makes us VERY different – gives us the advantage and why so many people want to come and see us.

And why my style of Physio and the care we’ve got waiting for YOU ~Contact.FirstName~, really does work.

Tip: If YOU are sceptical or “still on the fence” about Physio, please know that you have nothing to loose by trying it.

I will GUARANTEE everything that I do for you WILL make you happy and WILL ADD value to your life AND make a positive difference, or you can leave without paying.

You have nothing to loose (or risk) by trying Physio at Paul Gough’s Place.

I will pay for ALL your Physio sessions MY SELF, if you’re unhappy at the end.


If so, please start here:

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Talk soon,

Paul Gough 😉

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