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Leading Town Physio Becomes World Wide, Published Health Author

The Healthy Habit – Learn Secrets To Keep Active, Maintain Independence And Live Free From Painkillers. Essential Reading For People Aged 50+.

“One of the towns leading physiotherapists is celebrating this week after the publication and first sales of his new book titled “The Healthy Habit”.


Paul Gough, owner of the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” based on Raby Road, is the proud Author of the new book which reveals, “secrets to keep active, maintain independence and live from painkillers” and is described as “essential reading for people aged 50+” and he reports being over joyed at the initial success of the book – selling 257 copies before the book was even printed!

Paul revealed, “The book was a year in the making… I would sit down every morning between 7am and 8am before work to write it without fail – and the amazing thing about this book is that although we’ve just received the first printed copies of the 190 page, 10 chapter book last week, we had already sold 257 copies from patients of my physio clinic who had heard about it and “pre-ordered” their copy.”


Physio Paul, the Hartlepool Mail’s very own weekly health columnist for more than two years, said that he wrote the book in response to the growing number of people aged 50+ who are looking for better and more solid health advice and that anyone who wants to challenge the status quo of their health should read the book.

Paul said “This book is written for everyone aged 50 and over who wants to challenge the prevailing assumptions of today’s society and rather than viewing the second half of life as a time of progressive deterioration in mobility, independence and even “thinking”, view the ageing process as a privilege often denied to many and a great opportunity for increased mental and physical activity”.

“The good news is that because of advancements in medical research and science, there’s now the opportunity for more people than ever to live into their eighties, nineties, and beyond – with mobility, activity and independence maintained”.

“Yet sadly, so many people are failing to take that opportunity and it’s because of just three reasons why – one is thinking “that won’t work for me”, the other is accepting “bad” or general advice, and the other, something called “instant gratification”.

“I discuss all three at length inside the book and show precisely how anyone aged 50+ can overcome what I believe to be the biggest illness affecting todays society”.

“I want people to think of this book as a “road map”…a manual for clarity for people aged 50+ packed full with health tips and real life stories of people defying their self imposed age limits – many that I’ve personally helped over the last 12 years of being a physio”.

“The book offers hope to people that there are things that can be done to ensure things like mobility and independence is maintained for many more years – perhaps more so than the person reading this might currently believe is possible.”

Amazon and the book’s Gloucestershire publisher are selling the book priced 17.99. However, for a limited time the book is available for Mail readers at the lower price of just 12.99 from the official book website www.thehealthyhabitbook.com OR, you can call Paul’s physio clinic on 01429 866771, OR walk in to the clinic located at 25 Raby Road, to request your lower price copy of the book, “The Healthy Habit” anytime in the next 7 days. Quote having read this article to claim this lower priced offer.

Paul Gough
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