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Lose Weight Faster… Or Get Injured Trying?

So I don’t know if you knew, but as well as writing and publishing books on the topic of “health”… I also write for TWO newspapers.

(The Hartlepool Mail & Northern Echo…)

And I regularly receive questions from readers.

And this one I got just last week, I wanted to share with you:

It was, quite simply, a question about “exercising” and trying to lose weight faster by walking (or running) up hills and banks!

Find out my response in this article titled:

Summer Exercise Tips: How To Lose Weight and Avoid An Achilles Injury When You Exercise >>>

Find out why doing something as simple as walking up banks or down hills makes injury more likely, and weight loss, well, LESS likely.

Click the link to read the quick reading article.


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Paul Gough
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