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Man With Back Pain Asks : “Paul… Is It A Problem In Bed?”

This from an email subscriber having trouble getting to sleep due to back pain:

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First thing, loved what you said the other night about the exercises. Make perfect sense now. Just wish my GP had told me earlier.

Second, I’m having not so much trouble getting off to sleep at night…

But what happens is this – I’m nearly always being woken up after a few hours with what I’d describe as terrible dull, back ache.

It’s not severe, but just a really dull kind of ache.

Can’t seem to shift it either.

Why would that be happening and do I need a new mattress or something like that?

All my best to you”.

– Steve B. 56, Coxhoe. Co.Durham.

= = = =

Let me say right away that the “new mattress decision” is not one I could ever make for you or any of my clients.

Because it’s “50-50” how much benefit that you’ll get and it really is a “chance” decision.

It’s a bit like this:

If you’ve got cracks appearing in the walls of your home…no point in “skimming over it” with fresh plaster.

It would be okay for a few days, but a waste of time in the end.

Because if it’s a problem with the foundations of the house, the problem’s coming back.

“Same, same”, with your back.

If you’ve got a joint stuck or stiff, muscle tight or tense, sciatica, a trapped nerve or a disc that’s “popped” … even the best new mattress ISN’T going to cure any of them.

The only advice I would ever give on this topic is this:

If you’ve had your mattress for longer than 7 years, it is time for a change.

(Regardless of whether or not you’ve got back pain…)

The real solution to any back pain concern can only be achieved when you know for sure what’s gone wrong, and why.

(Getting to the root cause of the problem…)

And to help you out, here are three more reasons why Backs turn “bad”:

= = =

* Do you spend lots of time in your car? – if so, means your lower back is always under pressure. thus, feeling *stiff* and *achy* is inevitable.

Little do most people know, but sitting is the WORST thing that you can do for a bad back and is the chief cause of most peoples problems.

* If you like to walk or keep active – just walking over the hills of somewhere like Guisborough or the woods of Durham, is great for heart and lungs, but WILL add massive amounts of pressure to your lower.

* Perhaps you’re health care worker, teacher, or have worked in an environment like a factory that means you’re constantly having to lean forwards to do your job?

If so, everyday you’ve done that you’ve added immense weight, pressure AND stress to muscles and joints in your lower back – and by the time you reach 45, they can hardly cope…

…And all of a sudden one day your lower back just quite literally “gives up” and the signs of stiffness, pain, a constant dull ache and some more too.

= = =

…It’s usually the case the most back pain springs from “no where”.

Back pain is usually something that creeps up on you every day until it’s such a problem, that it’s with you constantly.

Maybe not severe… just “there” all the time making it difficult to do (and enjoy) whatever it is you’re doing.

And if this a constant, daily nagging back ache ache is happening to you, or you’re suffering SEVERLY from something like Sciatica, then I’d like to offer you my help.

I appreciate that I may need to earn your trust and I’d like to do that by talking with you on the Telephone.

I also appreciate that you’re likely to be a very busy person and like mine, your time is valuable to you.

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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

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Paul Gough
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