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Massage Monday – Your Questions Answered.

These questions came in to the clinic following Sundays announcement about the new “Massage Monday”, better health and wellness service that we’re about to kick off.


Q.) “How long do the Massage sessions last?”

A.) All of our “Massage Monday” sessions are 1 hr long. That’s 60 minutes of non stop massage to sooth tight muscles, and ease stiff, achy joints.

Q.) “How much is the each session”?

A.) There’s a full MENU for you to choose from – and the cost depends upon whether you want to order 3, 6 or 10 sessions and the good news is that the cost of being pampered DECREASES the MORE you chose to go for.

Q.) “How many spaces have you got left”?

A.) Demand has far out weighed what we had initially put aside for – so Sarah (the therapist) is busy putting aside more time in her schedule to cope. The problem is she already has a huge client base of her own, which she is bringing with her, so space is going to be tight to get everyone in.

Q.) “Do I have to take all the massages right away.”

A.) No. the idea is that you order your package upfront to lock in the cheapest price, then chose how you want to enjoy the massages. It could be one per month, one every other week… or one each week for ten weeks! Up to you!

Q.) “Can I wait a few weeks and then order?”

A.) You can… BUT, the price will rise after this first round of clients are accepted to her programme… and anyone who orders from us this week will be able to LOCK IN their low price FOR EVER. So, if you order your first “Massage Monday package this week, that’s the price/rate you’ll pay anytime you want to order more in the future.

Q.) “I work on a Monday night… is there any plans to do a “Massage Tuesday”?

A.) Not just yet. However, due to the popularity of the programme we are thinking about opening up “Massage Monday” in all our clinics – Hartlepool, Darlington and Durham too. Right now, it’s for our clients in the Guisborough area.

Q.) “Is she really that good?”

A.) Yes! I feel asleep within 12 minutes of the first massage… a little longer on the second one!

Q.) “How do I get one for my wife?”

A.) Easy. Just reply to this email now and we’ll call you right away to inform you of the menu of options and you can pay over the phone on your card.

Easy peesy.


Any how,

I hope all this helps.

If you’re interested to know more, of want your own question answered, just call today using 01429 866771.

See you on the Massage table on a Monday!

Paul Gough.

Paul Gough
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