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Neck Pain: The Real Reasons Why TV Is Bad For Your Health.

So I was out walking last night – around my estate – and I could help but notice the growing number of TV’s hanging high upon on the way.

Watching TV is a habit. Some would say good, some would say not so good. Depends what your watching I guess. But the real issue that we should talk about is HOW you chose to watch TV.

Are you doing it the 2015 way with your new slim line, 3d HD, TV high above the fire and kicking back with your feet up (and neck), thinking that you’re comfortable watching ‘corrie and Eastenders?

If so, there’s a problem waiting for you – I can almost guarantee it. See, watching the TV, it can be really bad for your neck and head (if you’re doing it like this) as well as adding pressure and stress to your lower back.

Let me explain what’s going on:

You see, lots of people make the mistake of choosing what the TV looks like when it’s in position… over how healthy it is to have it there!

You might not be aware of it, but having the TV above the level of your eyes if you’re planning to watch it sitting on the couch, is a guaranteed way to increase neck, shoulder and eye problems – and probably one or two migraines and headaches by the end watching a long film too.

How come?

Well, it’s all to do with your eyes having muscles and the fact that your eyes come with a natural downward tilt. It’s the reason why when you stare down a corridor, 80% of what you see is the floor, and not the ceiling.

To help yourself understand this better, try this little exercise: lift your right arm up and hold it out straight in front of you… I’d guess that within 20-30 seconds your muscles will start to hurt, feel weak and then you’d feel a burning sensation.

Next, your arm will probably shake and eventually you will have to drop it because it’s so uncomfortable… did you try it?

Now back to the TV issue:

When you have your TV above your natural eye line, you’re asking the muscles in your eyes to do what you just tried doing with your arm.

If you do it each day, you’ll experience a domino effect of problems starting with eye strain, neck pain because you tilt your head back to avoid the pain happening behind your eyes, and then comes a dose of shoulder pain as you try to limit the effect of holding your head in a position that’s not familiar too you.

Tip: There’s a reason why TV stands are nearly all the same height… and any decent one will always mean that if you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, you’ll be looking DOWN.

Now, if you like to go to bed to watch TV, high up on the wall is the perfect place for it to be.

Why? Because when you lye flat, 80% of what you see is the upper part of the room and the ceiling.

So it makes sense to have your TV higher up on the wall so that it’s in line with your eye level. When it comes to TV in the bedroom, the stand your telly comes with isn’t an ideal choice – not if you like to lie back in bed with your head on a pillow. Do it this healthier way and it should help you avoid migraines, headaches, eye trouble and muscle tension.

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Paul Gough
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