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PG Staff Days Out : How Not To Relax When You’re At The Seaside

A nice story about a lovely day I spent at the beach last week that you might wish to copy from:

So, every once in about three months I take all my staff (13 of them now) to do something that is a challenging physical work out, a break from the norm and above all, just fun to do.

And, last weekend we spent a day at Marsden Grotto, South Shields, and took part in something called “Coasteering”.

Let me start by explaining what it is before I tell you why it’s a healthy thing to do:

Well, you basically get into a wet suit, strap on a life vest and walk into the sea and begin to swim to the nearest rocks, which you them climb, and if the tide is low enough, you can also ascend through the dark caves which as you’re doing it makes you feel like you’re on a film set of something like “Pirates Of the Caribbean”.

M 4
(Keep reading to see more pics like this ^ ;=)

Now, the first thing that everyone asks when I tell them what we did is “wasn’t it cold?”. And the answer, an emphatic “yes”. But not enough to put you off from doing it.

Sure, when you first enter the North Sea it’s safe to say that it does take your breath away for the first few seconds and once you’ve experienced it, you’re likely to be watching more sympathetically next time the film “Titanic” happens to come on TV.

But really, it doesn’t take long to warm up.

And from then on, you’re always in and out of the water, walking along the beach, talking to the people walking with their dogs, as well as kids watching who you can tell wished they could join in, not forgetting making mental images of the picturesque and VERY beautiful South Shields coast line.

(It was so clear we could see right up and past Northumberland).

A bit about the physical side of “Coasteering”:

Climbing the rocks was tougher on the hands than I had bargained for (not ideal for a physio) but a great workout for the legs and arms.

Jumping in and swimming all the way back to shore is nice for the heart and lungs, especially if the tide is going out and you want to be in, and sometimes just “bobbing up and down”, hanging around in the sea was nice for peace of mind (it’s quiet out at sea) and waiting for a BIG wave to bring you back home was fun too.

Any way, we lasted about 4-5 hours.

And if you’ve ever been to Marsden Grotto (it’s the bottom of the bank where the runners of the GNR cone down towards the end), you’ll know there’s a “mammoth” stair walk waiting for you to get back to the car.

It’s the type of thing you could do for a works leaving do, a hen or stag do, or, like us, just for the heck of it because it’s different, it’s healthy, it’s fun and gives people something GOOD and positive to talk about for long after that day is over.

Plus, I believe that people love to hear about good things like this too – makes THEM feel much happier just by listening to somebody doing something good.

Expect to burn a few hundred calories (at least) whilst you’re doing it and prepare for the next day aches and pains which will come, but at the same time you’ll feel very healthy having spent the whole day soaking up the fresh sea air.


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P.S A few pics for you to enjoy…

M 1

M 3

M 2

P.P.S If you’d like to know how I organised the day and who I use to do it, please feel free to get in touch with me. is my personal email address.

Paul Gough
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