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PGP: Lady (27) With “Horrific” Postnatal Back Pain Shares Full Story (On Camera…)

Article By Postnatal Specialist Physio, Samantha Dakers…

Today I would like to introduce you to a lady I helped recently who, in her own words was “Suffering quite bad” with postnatal back pain.

Fiona is 27 and she lives near Guisborough.

[Click To See Fiona’s Full Story On Camera – In Her Own Words]

She came to see me having been messed around quite badly by the NHS for too long.

General things like laying down in bed were “horrific”, walking around got worse the further she went and often she had to call her husband to come and pick her up because the pain was so bad she couldn’t make it back home.

Since giving birth… things just went from bad too worse, even sitting became unbearable in the end and she’d even need help just to get off the seat because her back pain was so bad.

Typically, the NHS did nothing to help.

Many doctors passed her off as just having “sciatica” and left her to carry on but not one of them picked up on the signs that what she was suffering from, was actually PGP.

(Causing ALL of her back pain…)

What made things WORSE (…and her even more FRUSTRATED), is that everybody told Fiona, Doctors and friends included, that “she would be fine”.

But people like YOU, me, all of the other 100’s of Ladies I’ve helped and now Fiona, unfortunately KNOW (for certain) that PGP which causes Postnatal back pain, doesn’t just go away on it own.

Fiona’s biggest FEAR was not being able to do things with her new child and it even used to hurt just feeding her.

And it was agonising doing pretty much anything with anyone, where ever she was!…

But luckily for FIONA, it was her husband who decided “enough was enough” (of the suffering and let down by the NHS) and he made the first contact with us here at Paul Gough’s Physio Clinic to ask if we could help.

In her own words, Lyndsey says coming to get Specialist help and advice from us here “is the BEST thing she’s ever done”…

But don’t take my word for it…

Fiona has kindly gone on camera to share with you her full story and has done it to help YOU avoid making the same mistake as she did, by putting yup with Postnatal back pain for MONTHS longer than she had too.

Please Press Play to here from Fiona now..

…and then, if you’ve decided “enough is enough” and would like to put an end to your frustration and finally start living life as healthy and active as you know you deserve to be, please take a look at this:

– Find A Time To Arrange A Call Back

It’s a live calendar that you can look at and then choose a time for a 15 Min “Call Back” to talk about how we can help YOU out like we did Fiona.

It’s non-committal, completely free and it’s where most of our clients start.

…Even the “Sceptical” ones of which there are many … because they’ve been told by so many people that “nothing can be done”…

Paul, I’m here to ASSURE that if you are suffering with Postnatal back pain or PGP, LOTS can be done to stop it.

Let’s start on the phone.

And you’ll soon get too see what makes us different from all of the other options you’ve likely tried, and WHY, if you’re wanting a fast end to back pain that doesn’t involve any more trips to the GP OR painkillers, we could be your BEST option.

Please find a time that works best for you, here now:

– Find A Time To Arrange A Call Back
Talk soon,

Sammy 😉

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Tel: 01429 866771

P.S I know you’ll love what I can do for you…

And if you do decide to come and see me “in-person” at any stage, I want you to know that it is FULLY Guaranteed to work… or never have to pay.

It’s a firm promise that I will make to you… I make you happy and healthy like you hope and you ENJOY everything that I do for you, or you NEVER have to pay for any of it.

Please start here though and we’ll confirm that we can help you and that you are right to be looking for Specialist Advice:

– Find A Time To Arrange A Call Back


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