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PGP SPD and Postnatal Back Pain — End it Like Clare

Re: Another person who at first thought that the NHS was her only option…

Meet Clare.

“She’s fab”!

And today I’d like to share with you her story.

Now, let me make something clear — > she got lucky 😉

Because she only happened to find us because her Mam tried Private Physio and told Clare SHE should go try it out, too.

(Some ladies aren’t lucky enough to be told there IS another option to the NHS and the frustration that place brings…)

Here’s Claire’s Postnatal Success Story:

After giving birth to a baby girl, she suffered like mad with back pain which she was told by someone in the NHS was all to do with her “hormones” and that it would ease off.

Thing was, she’d been suffering for 4 months and showed no sign of ever improving on its own.

Usual story unfolded:

NHS physio didn’t know what to do, and so pretty much washed their hands of Clare.

Doctor said it was Sciatica and the Midwife said it would “just go”.

Clare suffered so much she couldn’t even lean over to bath her little girl for fear of the paralysing muscle spasms that nearly always came and a severe pain shooting into her right hip (that DID always come).

Clare suffered for all these long four months because she just didn’t know what else to do.

And basically, she was just getting too many mixed messages.

SHE KNEW “something was wrong”.

But, there couldn’t be?

(Could there…?)

Because everyone around her was telling her things like: “it’ll be fine”, “it’ll just go”…”it’s just the hormones”, “it’ll sort its self out in the end Clare”…

And so it went on…

Sad, but it’s those sorts of comments that are what’s causing so many new Mums to suffer, for so long.

(Angers me tbh…)

Here’s exactly what Clare said about it all:

= = = =

“I gave birth in February – no pains in the pregnancy, but it got worse after I gave birth…all the pains were down the right hand side and it got worse whenever I tried to lift my baby or bath her…or do any of the normal things I needed to be doing as a new Mam…

“I was in pain for a good few months…I waited, don’t know why, NHS didn’t help, I just thought it would go, everyone told me it would…the final push to go and try private physio was when my Mam told me about it after watching me suffer, and it really has helped me…”

Continued on Video here…

= = = = =

Here’s Clare’s story in FULL.

(In her own words).

Please take 2 minutes and 38 seconds to watch the video after you’ve read the rest of this email.

Like most of the new Mums who come see us, Clare was really keen to talk on camera to let other ladies know that there is another option and you don’t have to accept the bad advice given out by the NHS.

Press here to hear from Clare.

It was pretty easy to help Clare.

It was a simple case a working out what her big problems and concerns were, asking what goals she wanted to achieve for the future…

…like being able to run again and just take a walk with her baby through the park without so much back pain…

…And then customising and personalising a hands-on care plan she was happy with, to make those goals happen.

Even got her in with the Specialist Massage Therapist here, Lewis, who made her tight lower back muscles feel much looser, in no time at all.

Not forgetting, making Clare a nice little healthy exercise plan to make her feel stronger and less tired, too 😉

And that’s just what we did and what she got.

Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

If it does, the best place for us to start is on the telephone.

I can set aside sometime in my schedule to talk with you TODAY perhaps…and within 5 minutes I’ll be sure and able to tell you what’s happening and what we can do to end your concerns and get you back in great shape.

Most ladies say it’s worth making the call just to finally talk to someone who really understands Postnatal Back Pain and the concerns and worries that go with it.


YOU can have as long as you need for it to make a difference – likely miles more time than you’ve so far been given by anyone in the NHS.

(And this will really allow you to let of some steam).

If you are interested in feeling as good and as happy as Clare does now, here’s what to do next:

You can *Reply to this Email Now*, and ask Vicki (…Head of Customer Care here) to get in touch with you to schedule a time for us to chat

(And don’t worry – she’ll be expecting you).

Or you can call the main office and leave a message for me – use 01429 866771 and tell Vicki when you’re free to chat and I’ll call you right back.

Explain to the girls in the office you’ve been reading my emails and you’d like to take me up on the offer of the Free Telephone Consultation because you are serious about your health and want to get it ALL back fast.

Easier yet…look here and access the Telephone appointments calendar..this lets YOU choose the date and time you want us to call you back.

You can do it right now <==== Then, if you like the sound of what I can do for you...and you want to know more about the cost (*ask me about monthly payment plans*) and my next appointment availability, I can sort that out for you too. It's all really easy here. Looking forward to hearing from you, Sammy 😉 P.S What makes what we do so different from the NHS is that any care plan I create, is made just for you. And you'll be given loads of time here too. Coz that's important. Let's me really get to know you and your hopes and goals. You can have a *full hour* with me if you wanted to get on with this fast and you'll never have to worry about "generic" exercises made for everyone, or out of date techniques. And that's because I'm at the Leading edge of the Postnatal care industry here in the UK and most of my training was and continues to be in London. (I've gotten pretty comfy on many a train journey down to London these past few years...) And the exercises Ill give you are the ones I do everyday to protect my own back problems - so I can assure you, you will see a BIG difference and a positive outcome just by doing them and after a few short days. I can guarantee you'll love the care plan I make for you and it'll "blow your socks off" and make you happy, or you don't ever have to pay for my service, if and when we get there far. That's a very firm Guarantee that no other physio in the area will ever make and lets you in on how confident I am I'll get the results you're hoping for. But be quick to talk to me, I keep my department small so that I can offer the one-V-one personal care that YOU need. FREE TIPS being given on way on ways to end postnatal back pain – click here

Paul Gough
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