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PGP Victim Reveals: “You’ve Probably Got More To Loose By Staying As You Are”…

By Sammy Dakers, Specialist Postnatal Physio.

The following is a “true account” of what actually happened and was left on an Internet site for other Mums suffering with SPD and lower back pain, to take notice of:

= = =

“I had SPD following the birth of my baby 15 months ago. I’m currently on a Postnatal Back to Great Health Programme created for me by Sammy (at Paul Gough’s Physio Clinic) and after seeing many medical professionals in the NHS and some private (good and bad ones) I now finally am beginning to see a way out of all the pain and suffering.

I would not recommend anywhere unless I truly believe they will do everything in their power to help you as much as they can.

The whole team are excellent, professional yet down to earth, kind and understanding. If you’re sitting on the fence I say go for it you probably have more to lose by staying as you are now ;-)” Lyndsey, 27. Sedgefield.

= = =

(Here it is as it was left…)

Postnatal Back Pain
Praise for Specialist Postnatal Physio Samantha Dakers left recently on Facebook by a lady suffering with PGP who got HELP from us here at Paul Gough Physio Rooms.

…Can we do the same for you? Well, here’s been my experience so far and over these last few years: Most ladies like Lyndsey are fed “lies” by the NHS.

And at a time when they really badly need to be told STRAIGHT by a specialist what’s actually going on, as in, what’s the root cause of the problem and what should be done… …they’re given “general” advice from someone in the NHS who, although has an “interest” in the subject of Postnatal Care, is NOT specialist in it.

And that WILL bring problems and prolong them, too. If you’ve been unlucky to have been subject to this kind of “general advice”, you’ll know what I mean… I know that you’ve likely heard the same thing over and over from the GP, the Midwife, even friends and family: “That nothing can be done”, -OR- “It’ll just go on its own”.

And if you’re always hearing this, maybe “tired” from hearing this, then it could be you’re finding it hard to believe that something CAN be done, by some like me… Perhaps even thinking that you’re ONLY option is to suffer with back pain like you’ve got now, for life?

If that’s you, I want you to know that there is a BETTER way. And thanks to messages like THIS left on Facebook for others to see, lots of suffering Mums like Lyndsey (…who posted it) are opting out of the general advice and finding their way to a Specialist in Postnatal Care, like me.

Anyway, back to the question:

“Can we do the same for you (…as we did for Lyndsey)?” As in, can we give you the HOPE and encouragement for a healthy future, that she got from us? The firm diagnosis that she desperately wanted (…what actually is wrong).

The personalised and VERY SPECIFIC exercise and full recovery programme that she asked for. And most importantly:

Fast relief from worry, pain and suffering, that she had been looking for, for 15 months, done for you in just a few short weeks?

The answer I’ll be able to tell you inside 10 minutes with a free telephone consultation that WILL confirm:

That there is ANOTHER way and that you can finally start to live FREE from the VERY life limiting affects of PGP and postnatal back pain, left untreated for too long.

Even from this far I know I’ll be able to make a big change that will make a positive difference… And by the end of this telephone consultation we’ll have together, I’ll make sure that you know exactly which exercises you SHOULD be doing and explain why pelvic floor exercise do NOTHING to help your back pain.

Even just doing these new exercise I’l show you, WILL make a difference. To arrange to talk to me on the phone at your convenience, please call my receptionist (Vicki) on 01429 866771 NOW and ask her to reserve a space in my diary with your name on it, because you want to talk to me on the phone. But please…

Bare in mind that I am very busy helping other Mums like you, so only do this if you are serious about your health and you ARE sure you want to end your postnatal back pain, or you just desperately want to know what options you’ve got.

I you’d prefer…Click here and select the PERFECT time of the day you’d like a CALL BACK. – Find A Time On The Calendar That Works Best For You

Please click the link, follow the button that says “15 Minute Telephone Consultation” and there you just select the date and time to suit you — you’ll hit confirm and get an email instantly to say it’s yours:

– Find A Time On The Calendar That Works Best For You

Then, just sit back and wait for YOUR phone to ring as we’ll be calling you 😉

Here’s to an END to your troubles and feeling as great as Lyndsey now does.

Best wishes,

Sammy xxx Specialist Physio Clinics : Darlington – Durham – Guisborough – Hartlepool

Tel: 01429 866771

P.S Just incase you were wondering about the Facebook message that Lyndsey left, here it is in full… Postnatal Physio, SPD, PGP, Postnatal Back Pain .

..And you can see some more messages on here from other ladies we’ve helped with back pain, too. Be sure to read the one from Sue – the lady who couldn’t decide what to do about her back pain either.

As in, whether to “laugh or cry” but in the end had to “cry because it was so painful”. After reading these messages, you’ll realise that you’re NOT on your own with back pain and best, that you are looking in the right place for a solution if talking to me is what you’re considering next.

Click here to access the telephone Diary and choose your own call back time (it’s the easy option)…

We’ll call you at the time you choose. Or Call me using : 01429 866771. is my email you can have, too.

Free tips are waiting for you here to end PGP and back pain:

Paul Gough
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