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Physio: How to get the BEST out of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy – Get 51 F.A.Questions of Physio Answered in One Special Report:

“Meet Mary”

If there’s a *kind of person* who fits perfectly with who my Physio clinic is here to HELP, “it’s her”.

She won’t mind me saying that “Mary” is my ideal and perfect client… the kind who we just love to have around us and it’s a pleasure to be given the chance to help enjoy their health.

Mary is a health care worker from Gusiborough.

She came to us after she was fed up of suffering what she describes as:


“Lots of niggly little injuries for a good few years”.


And the reason why Mary waited for years before going to see a Physio was simply that she just didn’t know what to do, or indeed, IF anything could actually be done.

(To help her…)

And I get the impression that she’s not alone.

There’s a misconception out there, created largely by some un-helpful GP’s, that because you’re a certain “age”, nothing can be done.

But that’s rarely ever true.

Everyday, I hear from so many people who find RELIEF just because they’ve finally found a place like mine which is able to recognise their problems and confidently offer solutions to solve them.

(And NOT just give painkillers or a few sheets of exercises like the NHS does these days…)

And that relief happens BEFORE we even get into the Physio Room and down to work.

Maybe that’s what is happening to you?

You’re tempted with Physio here, but you’re stalling because you’re not quite sure that Physio can help “someone like you”?

If you are, hearing from Mary is going to help you…

Background: Mary loves to walk with friends in the Woods of Guisborough, enjoys exercising and values spending time with her Grandchildren.

And what you’ll soon realise with Mary is that there wasn’t ONE BIG reason why she came to see us and ask for advice.

She came because when she reached *50*, lots of these “niggly little things” started to add up and were stopping her from finding the enjoyment and quality from life that she values so dearly.

Mary has gone on camera to show you how we helped her…Why the combination of Physio and Acupuncture has really been able to make a HUGE difference to her life…

And ultimately you’ll discover why going to see a Physio is more about rediscovering and maintaining GREAT quality and enjoyment of life, than it is just something that you do because you’re in Pain.

Tip: The people who get the BEST value out of what we do here are the ones who value their health VERY HIGHLY…

Too high to ever risk loosing it and will go to see a Physio to STOP problems from getting any worse AND to maintain what great health and quality of lifestyle they’ve got.

Here’s Mary to talk to you about what Physio did for her. Just press play to hear from her:

(Turn on images and then press play ^ to see Mary…)

And after you’ve watched the video, if you think you’d be interested in enjoying life again like Mary is right now, as a result of what we did for her, please look at this:

Talk To Our Best Physio On The Phone

It’s a simple form that lets you arrange a Complimentary Telephone Consultation with our best Physio and you’ll get to see:


* Why it’s true that we could be your BEST option if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and don’t like painkillers and are fed up with waiting for time

* What makes us so DIFFERENT from all of the other options that you’ve got

* And why, even those who start out sceptical about Physio go on to LOVE what we do for them and how it has EVERYTHING to do with happens in the first 20 seconds, the first time we speak…


Talk To Our Best Physio On The Phone

Then just fill out the 12 second form that will appear.

After that, we’ll arrange for the most suitable and specialist Physio to talk with you on the phone, later today.

This is where Mary started, too:

Talk To Our Best Physio On The Phone

Talk soon,

Paul 😉

Physio Clinics: Darlington, durham, Guisborough, Hartlepool.

P.S Don’t forget about my promise to make you Happy…

Even if you go ahead and book an appointment with us, and it turns out that we couldn’t help, you can leave WITHOUT paying.

All I want is for people to be happy with what we did for them and that most definitely includes you ~Contact.FirstName~…

Let us help you out like we did Mary.

Start here:

Talk To Our Best Physio On The Phone

Paul Gough
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