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Physiotherapy : “Angry Clients” And Why You Should Be “Aware” Of Telephone Talk Physio’s

Recently I got an “earful” from an ANGRY client.

No, not one of my client.

Some OTHER Physios client. < = = = And she was saying how what she thought she was supposed to be getting was some proper physio. (Where someone really did something for her...) But what she got was a 'chat' and some outdated info and was given just a few printed exercises that didn’t have a prayer of working and she wanted her money back. Which she ASSUMED she would get. But alas, it wasn’t so. (Common problem...) And it’s because there’s a misconception out there that ending knee pain is all about “just doing some exercises”. (There's soooooo much more to ending knee pain btw...) Sadly, that train of thought has only evolved because a line has had to be drawn between what really works best and what some providers of health care are realistically able to provide. For example: Over at the NHS physio department these days all that you're likely going to get is a "quickie" telephone consultation and a few printed exercise sheets to D.I.Y at home. Yet what what most people assume they're going to get is some real, physical, hands-on type physio where somebody actually spends sometime with you and on your knee problem. Which would you rather have? The latter (hands-on) is the favored choice of many... Is proven to work much faster. Is interactive. Personal and effortless (for you). And the results are practically automatic because just about everything is done for you - and therefore totally different. The printing out of exercises and telephone consultation from a physio who can never really get you or really understand your problem, is something that IMHO is outdated nonsense. Give me a break. If there are any sure bets happening in knee pain recovery these days, it’s that there are fundamental principles of having hands placed on you, precisely in the right spot on your knee, for the perfect length of time and getting everything that is stuck, or stiff in your knee, moving again for you. And you'll get all of this, guaranteed, at my Physio place. Everything we do for you is completed in a short but sustained period of time, that will result in you quickly walking your own way back to the life that is currently being restricted by knee pain and stiffness. Click Here To Try Physio Before You Buy

Plus….here’s a little secret “they” hopes you never know:

Only when all of that is done for you and your knee is moving freely again, will exercises be helpful.

Think of Physio in the same way as pressing the re-set button. And only when your lower back (YES! lower back…) muscles and all the other joints joints have been reset, is it the right time to begin the exercises.

*But no sooner*.

Doing it any other way is a waste of your time.

NOTHING trumps actual ‘hands-on’ physical therapy.

But the problem you have…

“THEY” don’t want you to know that.

Good enough is good enough it seems.

And it appears that ‘good enough’ is now with outdated exercise sheets arriving through the post weeks after a telephone consultation that is impersonal and lacks in a deep understanding of your problem.

That’s why the ‘done for you’ knee pain recovery care plan I have created for you, really is your best option.

And it’s one that I’m so confident of being able to help you that I’ll happily carry ALL of the financial risk of you coming to see me.

And so what I’m offering you is an opportunity to try Physio, completely risk free:

Click Here To Try Physio Before You Buy

“Physiotherapy WILL work for you and deliver everything that you and your health needs, or you can leave without paying”…

(That’s my promise to you…)

To take advantage of that offer click this link below now:

Click Here To Try Physio Before You Buy

Talk soon,


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Tel: 01429 866771

P.S I’m not saying that Telephone Consultations aren’t helpful… because they ARE…

But they’re only a good place to START and should be used by clients to confirm that what they’ve got CAN be helped by “in-person”, “hands-on” Physiotherapy!…

That first (important) visit is your most critical one.

It’s the one where your injury severity is checked and the one where you get to find out exactly what’s going wrong.

(And so much more…)

Armed with that knowledge, YOU can decide what you want to do next and what’s the best option for ending your back troubles and reclaiming your old healthy lifestyle.

Click Here To Try Physio Before You Buy

Paul Gough
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