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Postnatal Back Pain: 10 Simple Steps To Ease Concerns In Under 60 minutes.

Article By Specialist Postnatal Physio Sammy Dakers,

Recently I wrote an email about the real life story of Fiona who suffered for months with postnatal back pain that wasn’t spotted by the NHS, I got a LOT of emails back to me…

(If you missed the video, it’s here for you to watch again)

And most ladies wanting to know this:

“Sammy, what EXACTLY did you do to help Fiona…”.

And I get the impression that new Mums ask me this question in “disbelief”.

“Scepticism” likely to be caused by ladies having been let down so badly by the GP or the NHS, having EXHAUSTED all other avenues and even some very UNHELPFUL Midwifes who even go so far as to say that Physio can’t help PGP or Postnatal back pain.

I must confess…
How I helped Fiona, and all of the other ladies who come and see me with very similar problems and concerns about their health, really ISN’T that difficult.

In fact, here, I’ll share with you EXACTLY how in just 10 steps I was able to help Fiona recover so quickly from her back pain since giving birth.

Tip: It took me less than 60 minutes to do ALL of it:

(Free tips for postnatal back sufferers, are all here:


1.) Spoke with Fiona on the phone to confirm I could help.

2.) Met with Fiona in person and we spent 60 minutes together at one of my Physio clinics where I gave a firm diagnosis, explained what’s been going wrong and WHY (…as well as listening too, and answering honestly, every question she had).

3.) Instantly dismissed the “Sciatica” diagnosis as false (which she was given by her GP).

4.) Walked her through exactly what PGP (SPD) was and why she’s suffered so long with back ache, so badly.


5.) Explained that the exercises she’s been given by the NHS “physio” were completely inappropriate and would never have helped, …even if she’d stuck at them for another 7 months.

6.) Changed exercise routine instantly and showed a more personalised and simpler one, AND added specific stretches and balance routines to work together simultaneously at making Fiona feel stronger and less tense, inside 5 days.


7.) Created a custom care plan that was tailored to suit her needs and goals for the future (…she likes to walk, jog and going to the gym is important to her, too). This care plan is a week by week, step-by-step “done for you”, programme that was designed to achieve all of these goal, in 3 weeks…

(…Fiona went for the “EXPRESS” Postnatal Care Plan that involves me doing everything for you).

8.) Picked up the phone for Fiona and ordered the EXACT Exercise Gym Ball (…and a comfy exercise Mat) she needed so that she could be sure she had the “tools” to do everything I asked of her and make the progress she wants.

9.) Instantly started the hands-on treatment with some very nice and relaxing massage that is proven to release tension and with it pain.

Didn’t disappoint 😉


10.) Reassured Fiona with answering more questions, offering more hope and encouragement for the future, even gave her my personal email address and assured her I’d always be reachable as and when she had any questions in the coming weeks.


That’s it!…

… Remember, all of that took me less than 60 minutes to achieve for Fiona the first time we met and she felt better instantly – both psychologically from her knowing that SOMEONE finally CAN actually help, and physically from the nice massages and work on her hips and back that I did.
(Gave her the first relief she’d had in ages that didn’t come from painkillers…)

I can do something like that for you too, Paul.

You just have to let me know that you’re fed up with living with postnatal back pain and that you ARE ready to find out how easy it is for a Specialist Physio to help you.

Do that by confirming a call back.

Here’s full access to the calendar and this lets you find a day and time that works best for you to receive a call back.

Pick A Time From The Calendar For A Call Back
We’ll show you WHY we’re likely to be your best option.

Why WHAT we do is completely different from all the other options you’ve likely tried and WHY even the ladies who start out “sceptical” (about Physio) go on to LOVE what we do and HOW it has everything to do with what happens during the first 20 seconds that we talk.

Please start here:

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Then select the “15 min Telephone Consultation” which is marked in yellow.

And who knows…

Maybe soon you’ll be living as active and as healthy as Fiona is since she looked at this same calendar a couple months back.

Talk soon 😉

Sammy xxx
Specialist Physio Clinics : Darlington – Durham – Guisborough – Hartlepool
Tel: 01429 866771

P.S What I did for Fiona was also to GUARANTEE that I could help…

I’d offer you the same “safety net”.

And that means I make you happy and healthy like you hope, or I give you all of your money back.

There is no risk by coming to see me. You either leave feeling great and having ENJOYED your time with me, or you don’t pay.

Please start here:

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= = =

(Free tips for postnatal back sufferers, are all here:

Article by sammy dakers email directly:

Paul Gough
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