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Postnatal Back Pain – End it Like Fiona

(Something for you to WATCH today).

Following is a true account…

And no details of a 27 year old Lady named Fiona who came to see me recently following 7 months of pain and frustration after giving birth, have been altered, changed, or diluted.

Now, what’s interesting to note about Fiona, is this:

On the video I’m about to show you, notice how polite, happy and smiley she appears, despite the SEVERE pain she suffered everyday since the birth of her baby.

Not forgetting the frustration and worry she must have felt at having been let down time and time again, when in the hands of some NHS physio, or yet another GP who didn’t understand her concerns ;-(

“Some effort”.

…Given what they (NHS) put her through and how they lied to her about her true condition since the first tri-mester, and many times missed opportunities to help her and ease the pain.

Before you go ahead and watch the video, here’s Fiona’s story:

She came to see me, because, and get this…


enough of listening to me suffer”.

(Her actual words…)

When we first met, I realised instantly that Fiona was a very kind, considerate and thoughtful person – too nice to even upsetting anyone.

And so decided to keep on suffering for the sake of her family, rather than confront anyone over at the NHS and demanding the help she was so desperately seeking and deserved.

Luckily for her though, her husband’s concern and worry resulted in a Specialist Postnatal Private Physio (me) being sought out.

And her problems ended in just a few short weeks.

Fiona suffered what the GP diagnosed as “Sciatica” during the first 4-6 weeks of her pregnancy.

Even the midwife agreed and confirmed it was “Sciatica”.

And both assured Fiona it would “just go”!

(Seems to be a very familiar phrase used by the NHS…)

But… Fiona’s problem actually got WORSE!

Peaked right around the time she gave birth…

…And for 7 months AFTER, showed no signs what so ever of improving.

Her real reason for wanting my help… this simple “little” thing:

“Sammy, I would just like to be able

to lift my baby out of her moses

basket or pram without being in

so much pain”.

Anyoo’, in just 10 little (baby) steps, here’s what I did to help Fiona:


1.) Spoke with Fiona on the phone to confirm I could help.

2.) Met with Fiona in person and we spent 60 minutes together at one of my physio clinics where I gave a firm diagnosis, explained what’s been going wrong and WHY (…as well as listening too, and answering honestly, every Question she had).

3.) Instantly dismissed the “Sciatica” diagnosis as false.

4.) Told her exactly what PGP (SPD) was and why she’s suffered so long with back ache, so badly.


5.) Explained that the exercises she’s been given by the NHS “physio” were completely inappropriate and would never have helped, …even if she’d stuck at them for another 7 months.

6.) Changed exercise routine instantly and showed a more personalised and simpler one, AND added specific stretches and balance routines to work together simultaneously at making Fiona feel stronger and less tense, inside 5 days.


7.) Created a custom care plan that was tailored to suit her needs and goals for the future (…she likes to walk, jog and going to the gym is important to her, too). This care plan is a week by week, step-by-step “done for you”, programme that was designed to achieve all of these goal in 3 weeks…

(…Fiona went for the “EXPRESS” Postnatal Care Plan that involves me doing everything for you. Ask me about it when we chat!

8.) Picked up the phone for Fiona and ordered the EXACT Exercise Gym Ball (…and a comfy exercise Mat) she needed so that she could be sure she had the “tools” to do everything I asked of her and make the progress she wants.

9.) Instantly started the hands-on treatment with some very nice and relaxing massage that is proven to release tension and with it pain.

Didn’t disappoint 😉


10.) Reassured Fiona with answering more questions, offering more hope and encouragement for the future, even gave her my personal email address and assured her I’d always be reachable as and when she had any questions in the coming weeks.


Best – I did most of that in our first 60 minutes together.

And if you want to know how great she now looks and feels, watch this video we made for you, here now:

Fiona has gone on camera to tell you more about her struggle with the NHS and how difficult life with PGP got for her and why ultimately she felt she no other option but to opt for Specialist Postnatal Physio.

And if after watching the video or hearing how I was able to help her, you decide that you’d be interested in achieving results like this too, then please get in touch with me.

Here’s How To Do Just That:

1.) Access the Telephone Calendar directly and schedule a Call Back by Clicking Here.

This option lets you decide when you want a call back and everything, including email confirmation of the time AND a reminder, is done there after AUTOMATICALLY.

You just need to select the best time and day from the calendar that will appear (maybe TODAY),then enter your phone number and finish by hitting CONFIRM.

It’ll take less than 30 seconds to arrange a call back using this Calendar.

2.) You could send an email NOW and explain to Vicki you’re suffering but you’re FED UP and have had enough of it… and that you’re somewhat interested in how I can help.

3.) Or, just call the office on 01429 866771 and say the same.

Vicki will then make some time in the diary and we’ll chat on the phone.

(It’s a complimentary, FREE service, too…)

It’s where Fiona started her road back to better health… and you should see her go now 😉

And you know what’s nice?

She’s since told me she could have “cried with relief” after that first phone call just knowing that she’d finally found someone who really understood how she felt.

And something tells me she didn’t mean the physical pain, either.

So, how about we chat… and work out a way of helping you out?

You just need to make the first move.

Here for you as soon as you are ready.

Dedicated to Restoring Your Health,

Sammy XXX


BTW – my Postnatal Physio Clinics are in Darlington, Durham, Guisborough & Hartlepool…so chances are I’m very close by you with the help you need.

And I also want to make you aware that any Specialist Postnatal Physio you receive from me is backed by a 100% guarantee of you being happy at the end of every session.

That means you will only have to pay for your treatment if you are 100% happy with what I did for you.

If you’re not happy at any stage, even right at the end, you’re okay to ask for all your money back and you WILL be given it in full.

It’s a promise we make to you right from the very start and I want you to hold us accountable to it 😉

Let’s talk about it on the phone today…

Access the Telephone Calendar Directly and schedule a Call Back by clicking here.

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Paul Gough
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