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Postnatal Back Pain (PGP & SPD) – The Hormones “MYTH”

Let’s dispel another MYTH that the NHS love use to convince you that what you’ve got is nothing serious:

“It’s just your HORMONES…and you’ll be fine soon after the baby is born”.

Heard that little line from your Midwife or GP?

It’s more “misinformation” that they love to give out.

But let me shed some light on why, if you swallow this line, it could see you suffer for many more months, even years, than is actually necessary.

As in, when you’ve read what I’m about to say, you’ll soon realise that it’s more to do with what the pregnancy HORMONES DO to your body, than the actual presence of them in your body.

It’s true – EVERY lady gets a surge of pregnancy hormones rushing round their body. And these hormones can very quickly cause the ligaments and tendons that support your pelvic girdle and lower back, to become weak.

(Less stable, etc etc etc..)

And they may confuse you more by using terms such as “lax” or “dysfunct”, but it just means that the ligaments are not giving your lower back and pelvis area the vital support that is needed through out the pregnancy, because of these hormones either being released too early, or in too many.

Problem is, these joints fall out of their correct alignment and not only leaves you in pain and feeling unhealthy, but also with a funny looking and unhealthy looking posture to boot.

So why are hormones released anyway?

Well, that baby of yours has to come out remember.

And by making the bones in your lower back and hip area, a bit softer and more supple, and less rigid, makes for a much smoother and easier “exit” for baby when he or she arrives.

So, hormones being released is just your bodies way of preparing for the birth and is normal.

But sometimes this “laxity” or “looseness” that is there to help you, can go to far – and the “laxity” you’re now feeling means that there’s LESS support and MORE pressure on joints, nerves and muscles in your back.

And all are very PAINFUL when you begin to simultaneously add extra weight (often 2-3 stones) in the form of water + baby.

And the damage that is done during all of this, is likely to be what you’re now left with and suffering from each day.

Are the hormones gone once the baby is born?

“Course not”.

(How do you think you’re still producing breast milk?…)

Is the pain?


(Well, not in 1 in 5 ladies, anyway)!

If your still suffering 2-3 months after your pregnancy, it’s a warning sign that your ligaments have been over stretched, joints in your back and hip have “set in the wrong position”

– AND –

Your lower back muscles are now over worked and over tight, trying hard to give you vital support.

Likely to be the reason why you’re also feeling tired and tense all the time.

And these damaged muscles are your best hope of getting any significant improvement, fast.

Hence why the Midwife and the NHS will give out some exercise sheets and hope that you doing them (…on your own) + a bit of time added on, will see your pain drop.

Trouble is, with ONLY doing the “pelvic floor” muscles they’re giving you, you’re NOT going to get any real support or strength like you think you are, in the area that you need.

Quite simply, they’ve got you doing the WRONG exercises to end back pain.

And worse, they’re asking you to do them at a time when you’re in a lot of pain and discomfort.

*This is not the best place or time to start* and I’d always remind any midwife or GP when I speak to them that doing exercises when in lots of pain is actually going to cause more harm than good.

And that’s a proven fact.

Think about it – wouldn’t it be so much easier to do any exercise if you weren’t in so much pain?

That’s why *Manual Re-alignment* is your BEST option.

It simply is an expert technique that I’m trained to do and involves gentle massage, rocking and manipulation which puts your pelvis and lower back joints, back into the correct position.

And watch your pain begin to drop when I do it (for YOU).

Then’s the very best time to go home and work on the special exercises I’ll show you.

And all of that is so very easy to do – it just needs a little bit of care and a little bit of thought from the specialist doing it…and for you to tell me that you want me to do it for you.

When you mix the right kind of postnatal massage, with the right kind of work on your back and hip joints, with the BEST kind of exercises, you will see a HUGE and significant improvement in how great you feel.

And just imagine how happy your family will be at the sight of you waking up with more energy and zest as you go about life with a new spring in your step, looking and feeling healthier than you have done in months.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in happening to YOU?

If it does, then we need to talk ASAP.

“I can make time to do that TODAY”.

…Can you?

Just call my office using this number 01429 866771 and tell VICKI that you want to talk to me about ending YOUR Postal Back Pain.

(…because now you know it ISN’T your hormones and it IS your Pelvic Girdle and that is causing the problem and that I can solve everything for you with my best exercises and techniques).

Better and easier still, access the Telephone Appointments Diary by reserving YOUR slot at the time that works best for you…and we’ll call right on the time you choose.

(copy and paste into your browser)

Hit this link and you’ll see the 15 Minute Telephone Consultation option and there after just pick your day and time, (later today could work) and put YOUR name on it – then hit confirm and it’s secured.

After that you’ll get an email confirmation just before the time you picked to remind you we’ll be calling 😉

OR, you can email me your best contact number on and leave a good time to call you.

If after we’ve confirmed that you are going to benefit from my help, then you can ask me about *cost and my next in-person availability*.

I work from a physio clinic based in Darlington, Durham, Guisborough and Hartlepool, and so I’m likely to be very close by you.

Talk soon,

Sammy xxx

P.S What Paul (…the owner of the physio clinic) always asks me to remind any of the people who come visit me for Postnatal Physio is this…

“Everything we do for you will

make you very happy…

or you don’t pay for your


(Any of it…)

We promise to make you very happy with what we do for you and that physio WILL give you the relief and the hope for the future that you’re looking for, or we will always refund you in full…even if it’s right at the end of your programme with us.

Does that sound fair?

But please note this down:

That because of this very firm guarantee and promise…for obvious reasons, we don’t just let everyone and anyone in on a postnatal care plan.

And besides, I like to keep my department very small by choice, so that all of the ladies in my care get lots of it (care) and it’s always one-to-one.

(Except when I invite them to my Pilates classes of course but that’s complimentary and just an added bonus of my service…)

So, if you come onto one of my Postnatal care plans (I have three different types…), it’s a very good indicator of how confident I am of being able to help you.

Think about it – with the “I make you happy or you get full money back” offer, I’m not going to be taking just anyone on.

As in, it will work for you if I do.

Let’s start on the telephone later today and see if we’re a good fit for each other – call me now 01429 866771.

or ACCESS The Telephone Diary And Reserve Your Call Back Time.

Can’t wait to hear from you 😉


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