Postnatal Back Pain : Proof That Their Is *Specialist* Advice In The North East That Suffering Mums Can Access Quickly And Easily… – Paul Gough Physio Rooms
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Postnatal Back Pain : Proof That Their Is *Specialist* Advice In The North East That Suffering Mums Can Access Quickly And Easily…

Re: Samantha Dakers and our Specialist Postnatal Physio Team

These two nice comments got left on the Facebook message board in reference to the great work done by Postnatal Specialist, Samamtha Dakers to help these two clients :

The first is from a lady who has suffered with postnatal bak pain for YEARS…

Postnatal Back Pain
Postnatal Back Pain

And this little one, is from a lady who had TWO children, 25 years ago, and never got the help she needed from the NHS back then, and who has seen been to see us asking for help. Read what she says about how we have been able to help her:

PGP, SPD and Postnatal Back Pain
More praise for Paul Gough Physio Rooms Specialist Postnatal Dept and Sammy Dakers.

You can contact Sammy directly on and ask her how she can help you, like she has these two nice ladies.

Enjoy 😉

And if you’d like to get FREE access to Postnatal Specialist help, please take a look here:… there is a free special report waiting for you to look at and download with LOTS of self help tips.

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