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Postnatal Back Pain – The Sciatica Myth (PGP)

Here’s a direct quote from a very trusted source I’m sure you’ve already looked on:


“If you think or you have been told that you have Sciatica…99% of the time you have PGP”



Will come on that in a minute…

First, I read a line in a great book the other day, it said…

“Nobody ever went blind
looking on the brighter
side of life”

Brilliant I thought.

And it is very true.

But when you are in pain after having had a baby, looking on the brighter side is not always easy.

Especially not if you’re trying to cope with everything that being a new Mum requires and the demands on family life, having a new baby in the house, brings.

And it’s not helped by a lot of what I call “misinformation” out there.

First you’re told you’ve got “Sciatica”.

Then you’re told it’s your “hormones”.

Next, someone else mentions your hip joint.

And pound bets ten you’ve done what all the other suffering Mums have done and gone and looked it up on the internet?

And there, you see people with what “sounds like” your problem talking about spinal surgery maybe being needed.

And it worries you to do death!

When in fact, non of this is true, or necessary.

So, today, I’d like to start to dispel some of your fears with your Postnatal Back Pain, so you can look forward and know that it is easy to fix.

So let’s talk about what Sciatica actually is:

Sciatica occurs when the soft discs in the bottom of your back are squashed and trap one of the nerves which runs down your leg and through your hips.

(Very painful, too…)

But here’s the thing:

Sciatica nearly always happens to people aged 40+ and often is a result of years and years of poor sitting postures, which has added too much pressure to one of those discs.

So, unless you’re really unlucky, chances are that it ISN’T Sciatica that you’ve got (…only 1% remember).

And anyways, let’s presume for a moment that you do have Sciatica from one of those bulging discs like the GP or Midwife mentioned.

What then?

Well, the next step should be finding out what’s caused it – because without knowing what’s caused that Sciatica or the disc to bulge, then you can’t know how to fix it.

Has the doctor or Midwife made any suggestions or given you any options?

….”Thought not”!

Okay…do you want to know what is more than likely to be causing that “Sciatica” you are suffering from?

It’s called “PGP”.

And not a day goes by where a lady doesn’t call and ask to speak me, worried, and confused, having been told that they’ve got “sciatica” — and it nearly always turns out they’ve got PGP.

And if you’ve done anything like posted on Facebook what pain you’ve been experiencing lately, most of the people on there will maybe even tell you “it sounds like Sciatica”.

And you begin to think that… it HAS to be Sciatica?

So, I totally get why you can be confused and stalling over what to do next.

And that’s exactly what “Anita” did.

A lovely lady who was told many times that she had Sciatica, by so many different people, that she spent all her time believing and not knowing her correct diagnosis…and that caused her an “immense amount of both physical and emotional pain” that could have avoided.

Read it for your self when you copy and paste this link into your browser:

It’s a story of a recently pregnant lady, just like you, suffering with “immense” lower back and hip pain and confused about what to do for the best.

Read about how she even tried to convince herself that it wasn’t PGP and how she spent weeks in denial – and all the while still suffering.

Whilst you’re reading, at round about the half way mark in the article, you’ll get a sense for the relief that she felt the very first time she accepted her back pain *was PGP* and it wasn’t Sciatica…meaning that she wouldn’t have to suffer for the rest of her life

(…because PGP is treatable with Specialist Postnatal Physio)

I sincerely hope this helps take away some of your confusion and worry.

All my love and best wishes,

Sammy xxx

P.S Back to my statement earlier – no matter whether you have or you don’t have Sciatica, I can help you.

It’s 99% likely that *PGP is causing your back and hip pain* and your body absolutely must be realigned with specialist postnatal physio… if you want your problems to come to an end quickly.

There is no other option.

And don’t worry about finding someone to do it for you – I can take care of everything.

Manual realignment of your lower back and hips is simply an expert technique I do all day every day that it involves nice massage, gentle rocking and manipulation — which puts your pelvis back in the correct position in no time at all.

And best, makes sure all your joints are working properly.

Once we’ve done that, next we’ll add in some fun exercises to get your body strong and back in shape.

(…you’ll be feeling as good as you hope, in no time at all).

Lets TALK ON THE PHONE and confirm for definite that what you’ve got is PGP… and I’ll show you how I’m going to be able to help you.

(And your new family).

And there’s a few ways you can reach out to me:

1.) You can choose and reserve a time for a call back here.

Just copy and paste this link now and reserve a time on the calendar and everything else will happen effortlessly and AUTOMATICALLY. (copy and paste into your browser)

(…it’s very easy and the most popular choice).

2.) Call me on 01429 866771 or

3.) Email me NOW, and explain you want a FREE telephone appointment reserving in my busy diary with your name on it.

Just put your telephone number in the email.

All are very easy and will connect you to me by the end of the day!

P.P.S Btw – Did you know that Sciatica is one of the most common injures that any Private Physio will see?

So, even if you’re in the 1% of ladies who do have it, I’m going to be able to help stop your pain and suffering regardless (…of whether or not it’s PGP or Sciatica).

*And that’s the most important thing, right?*

You’ve got nothing to loose — the phone call is FREE and even if you decide you want me do everything for you in person, it’s always backed by a 100% Guarantee that we’ll make you happy like you hope, or you don’t pay 😉


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