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Pregnancy Pain: Could You Be Making The Same Mistakes As These Other Mums To Be?…

Pregnancy Pain – Stories from inside the treatment room. Sound familiar?


Is it just me or is there something of a Baby Boom at the moment?


This last month has been like none other. The number of expectant mums walking (and waddling) into our treatment rooms has been greater than ever!


Was there something in the water 20-30 weeks ago? Or maybe it was the announcement of Kate and Williams second baby is on the way. Who knows??


But this is what I do know, and after hearing these suffering mums stories feel I MUST share with you.


These last few weeks I have discovered, and been horrified by how many expectant Mums are suffering with pregnancy back pain and left to defend for themselves.


 Stories from inside the treatment room


“Your too far into your pregnancy, but by the time your NHS referral comes to see about the baby, he or she will be born so there’s not point referring you to physiotherapy.”


“I waited 2 months for my physio appointment, by that time my pain had gotten so much bad I was struggling to walk.”


“My midwife had told me my pain will just keep getting worse until the baby is born, and just to ‘put up with it’. I’m only 21 weeks and I’m struggling already!”


So, my advice for any expected mums out there who feel they have too been let down and left to defend for themselves…


… Here’s my top 7 specialist tips for you….Straight from the treatment room with myself, to you.


  1. Keep you knees together – When moving and turning, always try and keep your knees together. Times like when you’re getting in and out of the car, and turning over in bed.


  1. When in bed, use a pillow in between your legs to take the pressure off your back and hips.


  1. Get Expert Specialist Advice today – Research and look for a Specialist ante and postnatal physio in your area. Getting the correct hands on treatment you need will ease your pain and help stop it from getting worse later in your pregnancy.


  1. Avoid sitting crossed legged. – Sitting with you legs crossed with twist your pelvis and will make you pain feel worse.


  1. Antenatal Pilates – Finding a specialist antenatal pilates instructor is key to strengthening the muscle that support your back, pelvis and baby during pregnancy. Keeping you active and pain free.


  1. Keep moving – around sitting for long times. Try and keep getting up and moving around to stop the muscles from stiffening up.


  1. Exercise – Exercise can be fantastic during pregnancy. It stops the muscles getting tight and aching as well keeping you fit and healthy. And did you know, that mum that exercises when pregnant give birth to healthier and fitter babies.


Its important to do the right exercises when pregnant and make sure you’re guided by a specialist who knows exactly what is right and safe for you and your baby.


I hope these tips help you like they have helped the ladies that I’ve been working with over the past few weeks, and throughout my time at Paul Gough’s.


And…if you have any other questions left unanswered and would like to speak with me for personalised advise and tips just click the link below and the a telephone call will be arranged for you with myself.


You can arrange this helpful phone call with me by simply clicking the link below:





..or you can email me directly at


Speak soon,

Samantha Dakers

Specialist Physio for Mums to be 🙂


Paul Gough
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