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Prescription Foot Orthotics: The Real Truth About Your High heels…

It was just the other day when I was sat people watching whilst having a coffee that it got me thinking about high heels. I must have saw about twenty different girls and women walk along the streets of Durham, stumbling about in high heels.

Now I myself love a new pair of high heels, however, from a sports therapist’s point of view I don’t wear heels higher then 3 inches, and this is because I know the damage high heels can actually do.

So i figured I’d share with you, just so you’re away it’s not only your feet that is hurting by the end of the day/night.

The higher the heels you wear the more pressure there is being transferred to the front of your foot.

High heels place the heel unnaturally above your toes which throws your whole body, your hips, shoulder, spine and your back totally out of line which long terms puts considerable pressure on your lower back as the muscles are not able to function effectively.

Ball of the foot pain:
Wearing heels forces more pressure forward into the front of the foot, which can lead to a condition called metatarsalgia which is pain in the foot just before the toes which is also increased due to age.

Ankle injuries:
Wearing heels affects balance and increases the chances of falling over especially going over on the outside of the foot. Injuries can include sprains or broken bones.

Pump bump aka haglunds deformity:
This is an bony enlargement on the back of the heel which can be caused by straps and rigid backs of pump-style shoes which causes an irritation by rubbing on the heel.

Achilles tendon:
Heels places unnecessary stress on the Achilles causing it to shorten and become tight. Which can become permanent if heels are worn regularly then when you wear flat shoes this stretches the Achilles irritating it and can lead too tendinitis.

The calf:
Muscles of the calf naturally contract when wearing heels however like the Achilles long term effects can lead to the muscles becoming tight and shortened, leading to pain in the ball of the foot, knee or back.

The knee:
Walking in heels forces your weight forward therefore puts a considerable amount of pressure on the inside of the knee. Recent research has stated it can be as much as 26% more pressure through the knee wearing heels compared to flats which can lead to arthritis, the painful degenerative disease in the knee.

But don’t worry….lovers of high heels and beautiful footwear…

Have you heard about our orthotics?

Made perfectly for yourself.. Fit to measure with a life time guarantee!!
You can book an assessment with one of our physio’s to have a full review to analyse what orthotics will be best for you and then perform a scan in order to make a mould which just YOU can have…. Not only can you get them for flat shoes or sport versions but there’s specific heel orthotics too!!!

If you think orthotics might be something you’d be interested in knowing a little bit more about, simply press here and one of our better health assistants will give you a call back shortly.

Bye for now

Jo 🙂 xx

Paul Gough

Paul Gough is an internationally known Physio and Founder of The North East’s Leading Specialist Private Physiotherapy Practice for People in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, who want to keep healthy and active.

You might know Paul as an expert Columnist who writes weekly health articles for TWO of the North East's biggest daily Newspapers, The Northern Echo And The Hartlepool Mail, he is a regular Speaker at Industry Seminars around the globe and a Radio Personality, often heard on the BBC. Paul has been an expert guest on dozens of Radio shows and regularly interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including the Guardian.

Paul’s background included working extensively in the Premier League with a Top Professional Football Team, and since quitting his job in Professional Football in 2007, his Physio Practice has become the fastest growing in the UK and biggest in the North East. So successful, that companies like BUPA, ASDA, The Vela Group And Coast & Country, repeatedly retain his Physio company's services to keep healthy their own staff and workforce. Paul Gough Physio Rooms is now a large multi-physio, multi clinic speciality practice in Darlington, Durham, Guisborough and Hartlepool.
Paul Gough
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