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Running Injuries: The Mysterious Calf Strain That Keeps Coming Back (…And How To Fix It)

Let’s talk about the single biggest problem that affects runners.

Nagging calf pain that just doesn’t go away.

(…Even after months of resting!).

Can you relate to this?…


“Paul – every 6 months or so for the last 3 years, I get a nagging pain in my left calf when I go out for a run, which then leads to a terrible sensation in the back of my leg that feels like I’ve been shot!

This always seems to happen when my training is going to plan and I’m making progress, (the Great North Run being my goal).

I’ve been running for years, and my calf has never had a pain so bad like this up until recently.

So why does it keep coming back? And will it ever go away?”

– Andy, 46, Guisborough.


Ok… let me try and talk you through this and why something as frustrating as calf pain, likely keeps happening and what you can do about it.

I see this all the time with runners who come to my clinic… they’ve been running for years then all of a sudden *ping!*, the pain comes out of nowhere.

Running Injuries- The Mysterious Calf Strain That Keeps Coming Back (…And How To Fix It) (2)


And it’s not usually to do with how much they run, what surfaces they run on, or even if they get regular massages to keep the aches and pains away…

…9 times out of 10, it’s to do with what you wear on your feet.

Let me explain:

If you’re like many runners, you’ve likely been putting in the miles wearing the same pair of running shoes for years, OR, you’ve treated yourself to a new pair of running shoes without realising that they’re not the right ones for your feet.

Not your fault, you weren’t to know!

But have you ever thought about how many miles your running shoes have actually done, and how worn down they’ve become?

You see, I often tell my patients to replace their running shoes for every 600 miles that they do.

And I know that sounds like a lot! But when you run regularly, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to build that many miles up!

So, if you’re suffering from the mysterious calf issue that comes out of nowhere, it may just be down to your favourite pair of running shoes.

So what can you do to finally put an end to the pain?

Get yourself something custom made, especially for you, that supports your feet 100 times better than any pair of running shoes you’ve owned – A pair of custom Orthotics.

You’re probably wondering what they are…

Custom foot Orthotics ARE the most accurate non-weight bearing moulds of your feet, (and you can get them from us, any time, without permission from your GP!).

They’re designed to control alignment and function of your feet in order to treat and prevent injuries – this means that when you wear them while running, your feet are completely stable and supported so they never roll inwards or outwards, meaning no risk of triggering off an injury!

You can learn more about them here.

So my big tip is this: Take a look at your running shoes. How long have you been running in them for? If it’s been years then now is the time to get yourself a new pair and consider getting your very own pair of custom Orthotics, to reduce the likely hood of the bothersome calf strain from coming back once and for all.

And in the meantime if you want to know more about the exact steps you need to take to recover from any type of running injury, take a look here: where there’s a free report waiting for you with all my best tips on how to recover quick.

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