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Secret Tips To Ease Every Day Aches And Pains AND Easily Be Able To Keep More Active

As with easing and ending back pain, there are things you can be doing to ease knee pain naturally – that means without taking painkillers or needing injections or surgery.

First, make sure your knee muscles are strong enough to cope with the life you want to live.

These days, everyone thinks the answer to any problem or physical pain is to just ‘do some exercises’.

As if any will do.

Yes, doing exercises is one of the secrets to ending and easing knee pain naturally. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

And here’s the right way:

If your knee is painful or swollen, the first thing you have to do is STOP exercising. If it’s not too bad, you can do a little bit of something like swimming (but not breast stroke) and take a gentle walk for 20 minutes or so on the flat, but you should not be carrying on with your usual routine, because you’ll only make things worse.

A knee joint that’s painful and swollen is a sign that your knee isn’t strong enough. It can happen for any reason, even no reason at all, but you need to understand there’s a HUGE difference between exercising and doing exercises.

The latter is what you need to recover a knee joint that hurts.

My tip: focus on improving the strength and control of your quad muscles. They’re the big powerful muscles at the front of your knee and the more support you can get from them, the less pain you’ll notice at the knee.

Having strong quad muscles lowers your wear and tear risk too. But you also need to consider having lower back muscles that are strong and hips that move freely.

You need to be wearing the right footwear with enough cushion to absorb shock (the shock you get every time your foot lands when you walk) and be sure your feet are in the right position in those shoes you’re wearing, too.

For that to happen effortlessly, consider wearing specially-made foot orthotics (inserts). They really help people who are suffering from the state of their knees, or anyone who is just concerned about the overall health of their knees.

More: if you like to be especially active, then wearing foot orthotics which slip inside your shoes and help keep your body in the right position is likely to make a significant and positive difference to how your knees feel and how healthy you’re able to keep.

OK, that’s your lower back and knees taken care of – now let’s move higher up your body and talk about what to do to stop unwanted neck and shoulder pain.


What you’ve just read is an Excerpt from the book, The Healthy Habit… printed with permission from the Publisher and Author (Paul Gough).

To continue reading, please visit the official website and collect your copy of the Book: The Healthy Habit – Learn Secrets To Keep Active, Maintain Independence And Live Free From Painkillers.


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