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Shoulder Pain: “Why Do I Have Shoulder Pain All Of A Sudden?!”

Here’s a blog post from our specialist Physiotherapist Jonny…

Here’s a common question I get asked when I see patients:

“Why did my shoulder pain start without me even doing anything to set it off?”

Well, have you ever heared the saying…

“The straw that broke the camels back”?

Well, to put it simply – although sudden shoulder pain can occur without you having a clue as to why… Something such as falling onto your hands, or suddenly having to break so hard in the car that your body jolts forward, can result in the onset of shoulder pain.

As far as joints go, the shoulder joint is not a particularly stable one – it’s like a tennis ball sitting on a golf tee.

Your shoulders have a lot of movement, however is not very stable, which means that sometimes it’s easy for your shoulder joint to easily go into positions that can cause stress on the muscles around it.

The shoulder joint relies a lot on its muscles to support it, unfortunately these muscle tendons (tendons anchor the muscle to the bone), often pass through very small gaps between the bones and therefore can rub and wear down over time.

One common way this injury occurs is simply by sitting at a desk and reaching forwards to reach the keyboard….

Although such a seemingly simple activity, over time this repetitive movement can lead to your shoulders experiencing pain.

So how do you limit the chances of this happening?

Well the answer is quite simple really… You check your position.

If you notice you are having to stretch quite far forward to reach the keyboard, simply move your keyboard closer so that your elbow is at a 90 degree level and you can type comfortably.

Another way is to simply hold your shoulders back slightly. I bet you have noticed that towards the end of the day you slump more and your shoulders become rounded?

One problem with this position is that your shoulder blades aren’t working properly. Think of them as a pulley system, when they move as they should they take the stress off the smaller shoulder muscles.

It’s just like continually pulling an elastic band from both ends. Over time it will wear down, and won’t function as it should.

Now, if you’re currently suffering with pain, and you want to get back to golf or squash, or whatever it is that you may love doing then don’t worry…

…Physiotherapy is the first port of call for you!

The physiotherapist will be able to assess, properly diagnose and treat your injury, giving you the advice you need to get you back doing exactly what you want to quicker!

Now wouldn’t that be a nice early Christmas present?! 😉

If should pain is bothering you right now and you’d like to discover how to ease it quickly… Click here to instantly download your free shoulder pain report:

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Paul Gough
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