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Frustrating Sports Injuries: Here’s Why Your Injury Hasn’t Healed And Why It Isn’t Likely Too (…On It’s Own)

Attention FRUSTRATED Runner, Golfer or Cyclist FRUSTRATED by an INJURY that just won’t heal on its own..

“I’d like to HELP you out by showing you why YOUR Sports Injury HASN’T healed on its own, with even this much time since you did it”.

And even though I don’t know WHAT it is (from this far), I know what’s causing it NOT to recover like you had hoped.

…Because 99.9% of sports injuries are affected by just this “one thing” I’m about to show you.

And I’ll do it by answering TWO questions that other email subscribers of mine with a Sports Injury, recently asked:


“Paul… I did everything my GP told me, rested from running for 6 weeks, stopped going to the gym and even got a few massages from a guy I know who does them in his home.

And yet here I am still unable to run as fast (or as far) as I like to because of my now very tight hamstring injury.

Please help.”

– Andy K. 46, from Darlington.


And this one, too:


“Paul, why is it that every time I get on my bike, 10-15 minutes into my ride the same knee pain comes on at the exact same point.

And yet not long after I stop riding, the pain is gone!?” 🙁

– Steve B. 52, Guisborough.

…Both are very familiar questions and the frustration that is being suffered by both people asking is NOT unfamiliar and NOR is it lost on me.

Believe it or not, although they’ve got different injuries, their problem is the SAME.

And here are the two reasons why:

1.) Most GP’s don’t understand the science of muscle/sports injury recovery – NOT at the same deep level that they do medication, illness and disease (…most will happily admit it’s just not their thing).

And so taking advice from them is not much different to asking a body shop repair guy to look at the broken engine underneath the bonnet of your car.

Sure, he’ll have a “BIT” of an idea, but the body repair guy is NOT going to be the best guy to fix the engine.

You’re going to need a SPECIALIST mechanic to look at it for you to be able to drive it away quickly AND safely.

2.) Something called ‘Scar Tissue’ – It’s the glue/cement that muscles and ligaments use to “heal” when you’ve torn or damaged them.

Scar tissue makes them stronger (which is good), but TIGHTER than you could ever imagine (which is bad)…and will “sabotage” your flexibility and ability to run or play again, safely.

And the latter ^  is the NUMBER 1 reason WHY most injuries NEVER heal and most runners, golfers and cyclists go back to their sport… living in FEAR of always breaking down again.

And also why most “DO”!

(Keep breaking down..)

In fact…

This *scar tissue + too much rest*, is the “cocktail mix” that sees many exercise and grassroots sport enthusiasts TROUBLED by the same injury, many times in their life.

And there’s only ONE way to stop it from taking control…

And that’s by KNOWING exactly WHEN, FOR HOW LONG and what you should be FEELING as you begin to exercise again.

Most people don’t know this…  but there is nearly ALWAYS something that you can (and should) be doing to get active again JUST DAYS after being injured.

And doing that is going to help you recover SAFER and mean less chance of it ever happening again.

Problem is, most people have no idea what it is they can do, what they should be feeling and how long to do it for.

And so they STOP!

And the longer they stop for, the worse it gets and the longer it takes for a Physio to fix, when they do get round to seeing one.

(A bit like a self perpetuating cycle that runners etc just can’t get off…)

Tip: If there’s ONE reason to go and see a Sports Injury Specialist like me, it’s to find out EXACTLY (“to the day”) what you CAN and CAN’T be doing…

And you knowing all of this **critical information** will knock **WEEKS** (even months) of how QUICKLY you’ll be exercising again, without the fear of breaking down, too.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in happening to you?

If it does, then lets start by talking on the phone.

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