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Sports Injuries: How To Ease Ankle Pain Fast So You Can Return To Exercise Quickly Without Frustration

With The Rugby World Cup now come to an end a couple of weeks ago… We’ve seen a lot of patients who are huge fans of the sport, play a game of Rugby for fun at the weekends to keep it going.

And with playing any contact sport, comes the increased chance of injuries, aches and pains.

Now one of my patients Gareth, 42, Darlington, has played Rugby for most of his life.

He’s used to getting knocked about on the pitch and waking up with all sorts of bruises.

How To Ease Ankle Pain Fast So You Can Return To Exercise Quickly Without Frustration

But 3 months ago Gareth rolled on his ankle during a match,  forcing him to stop playing all together because it was that painful.


Before Gareth came to see me he visited his local GP, who gave him a couple of exercises to do for a few weeks without taking a good look at his ankle…

And even though you should mix specific exercises into your day to help ease your ankle pain, these exercises weren’t making much of a difference, and Gareth was getting fed up of not being able to play Rugby for weeks, even MONTHS!

(Which really doesn’t have to be the case).

The thing is with ankle injuries, is that they can take time to heal. Sometimes even up to 6 weeks.

And if you’re not taking the most efficient, safest steps to get there, then the healing process can end up taking longer, meaning you could be out of playing your favourite sport for a while.

It’s important to start the recovery process straight away, to return to exercise as safely and as quickly as possible.

So with that said…

What’s The First Thing You Should Do To Ease Your Ankle Pain?

Rest your ankle immediately and compress it with ice.

I know it’s very common wisdom to think that you should just ‘push through’ and carry on with the sport you’re playing, but if you get back to activity too soon, there’s a risk of causing on-going problems and I’m sure you don’t want to aggravate your ankle even more, putting you out for longer.

After 3-4 days of resting the joint, begin gentle walking.

Now walking might feel slightly painful – but don’t worry! That’s expected and is completely ok! Gentle walking in a straight line will help to build your ankle strength back up and help keep it mobile.

Alongside rest and gentle activity, a deep massage around the area will help your ankle to recover quickly too.

So my big tip for you, is to not rush back into sport straight away.

I know it’s tempting, but if you follow the right steps to recover from your sports injury properly, you’ll be back to playing your sport in no time.

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