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Sports Injury : Why “Exercises” Don’t Always Work … And How To Make Sure The Ones You’re Doing, Are!

Let’s talk…

About why MOST exercises NEVER work.

(Like the person injured and doing them, hopes…)

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It’s largely because they are being being done at the wrong time, for the wrong reason AND in the wrong order.

There’s a ‘myth” out there that anytime any person gets injured, it’s all about just doing “some exercises”.

(As if “any” will do…)

I’d go so far as to say it IS what is causing MILLIONS of people to suffer with physical problems like back and neck pain AND keeps injured runners or “weekend sports stars” on the sidelines for months (and years) longer than was needed.

And it’s happened because the NHS and the GP’s will have you believe that the answer to anything physical is to just go and do “some exercise” and “keep it moving”.

(Heard that line before?…)

I hear it from very confused (and frustrated) runners and golfers on a DAILY basis.

They even get “spun” it by people at their own clubs “trying” to help and offer some assistance.

Internet doesn’t help of course – one search on their and a 1000 exercises will appear that “look right” and promise that if you do them, your problems will be solved.

But really, most of the time exercises never work.

“Generic” ones, you should forget them.

There’s also a BIG difference between doing exercises that recover you SAFELY from an injury, and ones that just get you going again quickly (…meaning, “unsafely”).

When it comes to doing the right exercises, here’s the trick that most people miss:

You need to have at least 3 different types – all working sequentially, simultaneously and running concurrently along side the treatment of a specialist who works on the injury and knows just how far it can be pushed “safely” by you doing exercises.

For example:

Did you know that you should be starting with “static” exercises in the first few days, adding in some “dynamic” stretches as the injury progresses and that you starting “core” type exercises is vital from day ONE.

There’s “eccentric” exercises to consider, “concentric” and even “isometric” ones, too.

And that’s before I even start talking about exercises to improve proprioception and flexibility.

To get the very BEST results from “just doing exercises” you HAVE to combine all of these different types into one plan that is perfect for YOU.

Then progress that plan regularly, as progress allows, and always taking into consideration that it’s NOT just about easing pain or getting going again, it’s about you being SAFELY able to get back running or playing again WITHOUT the fear of the injury happening again, any time soon.

That’s what I do for my clients anyways.

And how I did for years as a Physio in the Football League and how I did it in the USA with Paul Scholes of Man Utd, for ANY of the injured players of his Prestigious Soccer camp.

I’d like to do it for you too.

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See you in my Physio Room ;=)

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P.S It is going to work for you…

And you will LOVE everything that I do for you to get you fit!…

And if you don’t or I don’t deliver on my promise, you LEAVE WITHOUT paying or I give you ALL your money back and I say sorry.

You’ve got nothing to loose.

I only want for you to leave my care FIT and very HAPPY and confident that you’re NOT going to breakdown again anytime soon.

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