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Sports Injury : Why The Pro Athletes Can’t REST Longer Than 5 days And Nor Should You… Whatever Sports Injury You’ve Got!

Let me tell you a story:

…About why “rest” never works for ANY sports or muscle injury.

I’d go so far as to describe “rest + sports injuries” much the same as I would “oil and water”…

They just don’t mix.


Back when I was in the Physio Room working with the Professional Footballers day in and day out, as you can imagine “what can I do now that I’m injured” was a hot topic of discussion between me and the injured player.

See, the pro athletes “can’t” sit still.

Not in their nature to just stop!

…Even when injured!

Exercising, keeping fit and having endorphins “rushing” is an addiction.

And besides, they get paid to be fit, so they’ve got to get fit ASAP!…

And one of the things me (as head Physio) and ANY injured athlete I’d be working with would NEVER talk about, was “rest”.

Just wouldn’t come up.

And that’s because there is ALWAYS something that you CAN and SHOULD be doing to help SPEED up the recovery of ANY injury.

(Hamstring, Calf, Achilles, Ankle or Knee Ligament, ITB and even Shin Splints…)

Don’t get me wrong…

The first 3-5 days MIGHT include a bit of obvious “down time” if pain or swelling limited what we could do, but even then, with an injury like that one you’re suffering from our aim would be to get going again WITHIN 5 days.

(Free Sports Injury Tips And Advice being given away over here:


That doesn’t mean “back on to the track running full pelt” or on the pitch pretending nothing was wrong… but doing gentle jogs, swimming, cycling, in the gym and on the rower or a static bike…

We’d do “ANYTHING” that we knew would help “mold” the scar tissue that my athletes would be battling against since they had gotten injured.

And if we did it successfully it was likely to make a HUGE difference to how quick and how safe they would return. 
So as well as me doing all of the other things like massage of the torn hamstring, mobilising a stiff ankle joint that had recently sprained, or loosening off an Achilles that had tighten up, the athlete would be exercising concurrently and simultaneously… within days!

And it’s no different for you…

You’ve likely already to have had FAR too much rest.

And each day that passes, your injury is getting worse!

(NOT better..)

And means you’re more likely to feel stiffer and tighter and therefore more susceptible to breaking down again, (…and again and again) whatever stage you decide to give it ANOTHER go.

Lets stop that for you.

And finally find you some progress and give you some hope and an end to your frustrations.

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Enquire About Sports Physio Cost And Availability 

Which, as you now know, is going to make a SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE difference to when you’ll be “back” and fully fit.

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See YOU soon in my Physio Room,

Paul ;=)

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P.S I GUARANTEE it will work for…

You will NOT leave my sports injury clinic unhappy.

I promise that you will ENJOY coming to see us, you’ll LOVE what we will all do for you and even better, you will feel great knowing that you’re getting VERY close to a full return to fitness as we increase the amount of exercise that you can safely do, day by day.

And if that doesn’t happen, there will NO charge.

At my clinic, you only pay for results.

Come see what a top flight Pro Physio can do to change how you feel about being injured.I know just what to do to lift your mood and it starts with being shown how quickly you can get exercising again NO matter what injury you’ve got…

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