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Status Update::: “Engaged To Be Married…”

No, not me, if that’s what you’re thinking…

But, one of the big talking points in the office at the minute is “weddings”!…

And let me explain why:

First up there’s “Sarah”.

She’s getting married next year and is ALWAYS dashing off some where after work to look at another cake or try on another dress.

Then there’s two of the other girls who I’ll keep “nameless”:

One of them *desperately* wants to get married, but her guy shows no signs of budging on the subject of asking her despite how many hints she’s been dropping his way for some years now.


Another of the girls in the office who LOVES to go and see fortune tellers has recently been told by a “good one” (apparently she’s the best yet!) that she’s going to meet and I quote:

“The man of her dreams (who drives a red car) and get hitched in the next year or so…”.

But, and to my delight and surprise, the same girl in question who loves to show her palms to all that will look for a “fiver”, has JUST gone and met someone in this last week.

So, it could be that she’s well on the way to *wedding bells*, too.

(Although NOT if he reads this email…)

And then there’s “Jonny” (Physio):

His “wedding” situation is a LOT different to anyone else’s!

And for that reason, he IS the talk of the clinic right now both with clients and staff who are always wanting an update on the status of the BIGGEST wedding that *India* is ever likely to stage.

See, Jonny’s engaged to his longterm girl friend from India.

But the funny thing is, if you ask him how he even got to getting engaged, he’s not really sure how it happened.

The story goes like this:

He basically went to “Kalcutta” to visit Caroline (the indian girl friend) in May, and came back “hitched”.

But non of us have been able to extract from him details like “who asked who”, or even “how the question got popped”, because he never let on that he was planning it before he left!

(Nor did he tell us for weeks after he got back, that he had).

So we’re all a bit confused and growing more intrigued.

Now, most guys are TERRIBLE at talking about their romantic affairs!

(Apart from “yours truly”, who, is of course, an old romantic at heart 😉

And as for JONNY, well, he is the kind of guy that most other guys want their girlfriends to meet on valentines day because he makes them look like “Romeo” in comparison – he’s that bad!

And no matter how many questions the girls here in the office ask him about his up and coming indian wedding, he gives nothing away.

Like, nothing!

Just smiles and laughs in a funny kind of way which suggests he’s not telling us something.

And the less he gives away, the MORE the girls wan to know.

So, my “proposal” is this:

Between now and February (the date of the wedding) we’re going to try and LEARN as much as we can about:

a.) A traditional, catholic, indian wedding

– And –

b.) See if we can’t hitch in on an invite or two to the show.

And, as more and more clients have their curiosity levels raised by Jonnys silence of the big day that “dooms”, sorry, I meant to write, “looms”…

…I’ll be sharing more of what we know about the current “is he or isn’t he” saga that is happily brewing in the clinic.

Tip: if you are in for treatment with Jonny ask him about his wedding for yourself and see if you can get anything from him, because non of us can!

…And whilst we’re talking about “India”, it happens to be one of my all time favourite places to go and see.

And, to get you in the mood for some “chit chat” to come about Jonnys Indian wedding, I thought you might enjoy watching a video I took, last time I was there.

I got to see many “surreal” images and put them on camera to treasure for years to come.

Here they are for you to enjoy too, when you press your mouse the video below:

It last about 4 minutes or so and shows a lot about a place that EVERYONE should go and spend sometime there at least once!

Please enjoy!

Have a great weekend too.

Paul ;=)

P.S Look closely enough at the video about 93 seconds in…

I’m sure that’s Jonny at the local “Ramsdens” outlet on one of Mumbai’s high streets and trading in his “Middlesbrough footy shirt”, maybe looking to leave with a ring ;=)

Paul Gough
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