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Suffering From Neck Pain? Here’s One Way We Can Help Ease It Fast…

Here’s a quick blog post all about Neck Pain from our top Physio Jonny :-)…
When patients come to see us with Neck Pain – Acupuncture is becoming more and more popular in treating what we class as musculoskeletal conditions… (Basically muscle strains, ligament sprains, sciatica etc, etc…)
At Paul Gough Rhysio Rooms we do a lot of acupuncture as we find the best results in many cases when we combine Acupuncture with other treatment methods.
One thing clients always ask  is why we put needles in points that aren’t in the area where the pain is coming from? And… Why do we needle an area that is already painful In the first place?

Let Me Explain…

Dave comes in with tennis elbow (pain on the outside of the elbow usually due to repetitive stress),  we would put some needles into the muscles that are affected at the elbow but we may also put a needle into the muscle between your thumb and index finger.
Now, the reason for this can get very complex so I won’t bore you with all the scientific details.
But think of it this way, whenever you have an injury/some trauma, you feel it in that area and often you may see some swelling or bruising right?… Well how do you think the swelling/bruising happens and how do you think you feel pain in the first place?
Well this is actually happening due to something we call your central nervous system (CNS)  (Your brain and spinal cord sending signals that cause the swelling/bruising and pain).
Your body always wants to be balanced!.  imagine …If we stimulate this sensitive area we can send signals back to the brain that will help to dull the pain and heal the area quicker.  It’s just a balancing act!!!. When we get the balance right the pain reduces and you heal quicker, it is as simple as that (I hope that was simple!).
One of the many other reasons these areas like your hands are needled is because they can have a relaxing effect.  This can in turn help you sleep better and what is the reason for sleeping in the first place??… To recover!!
How many times have you had an injury and it has affected your sleep and then you have woken up feeling worse?.  This isn’t a coincidence, nothing is!.  The lack of sleep has deprived your body of its full healing capacity and therefore you feel worse for it!
By helping you sleep better we are breaking this cycle and ultimately helping your body to recover quicker.
I hope that has cleared up a few queries you might have had about Acupuncture and anything you’re suffering from.
Jonny Corner 🙂
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Paul Gough
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