The 13 Most Dangerous Footwear Trends Causing EARLY Arthritis AND Unwanted Joint Pain... To ANY Person, EVERYDAY! (.....And The One SIMPLE Addition You Can Make To ANY Shoes To PROTECT You From Both). - Paul Gough Physio Rooms

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The 13 Most Dangerous Footwear Trends Causing EARLY Arthritis AND Unwanted Joint Pain… To ANY Person, EVERYDAY! (…..And The One SIMPLE Addition You Can Make To ANY Shoes To PROTECT You From Both).

No matter how big or small your feet, your shoes could be hurting them—or even causing permanent harm to other joints.

In a recent U.K study, involving 2,000 adults, more than a third of men and nearly half of women admitted buying shoes that didn’t fit properly. Shoes with a narrow “toe box,” the industry term for the front part of the shoe, can push the big toe in and create or accelerate a bunion, it can also constrict the toes, resulting in what are known as “hammertoe deformities.”

“It’s like when your mam said, ‘Don’t make that face, it will stay that way,’ …

It does actually stay that way when you put so much pressure on the toe over a long period of time.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain are all being caused unnecessarily by the WRONG choice of footwear.

Here I reveal 13 of the “MOST DANGEROUS FOOTWEAR” Trends likely to cause sever joint pain and early arthritis and introduce you to the one thing ANY person can do to protect their health from both.


1.) High Heels

Wearing “high heels” will increase the pressure through your knees, hip and lower back about 10X more than ANY other type of shoes. Reverse that, and it means if you wear a nice soft cushioned pair of shoes that fitted to your feet instead, your joints would be experiencing 10 times LESS pressure and stress force upon it.

Imagine how much relief you’d feel if you could take that type of stress off of your joints right now? But please understand that it’s a cumulative effect. This pressure builds up from wearing the wrong footwear over a period of weeks and years and results in weak and stiff joints, somewhere around the age of 40-45 and from then on in, degeneration and even early arthritis is inevitable.

2.) Plimsoles

Proven to add to joint pain because there’s a lack of cushioning to absorb “shock” that occurs at your knee when your foot lands. Think about how thin the sole of these types of shoes are and it’s not difficult to see why joints take a pounding.

3.) Loafers

Big problem is that they appear to be comfortable and even seem to fit “snug” BUT they really don’t. And that’s dangerous to your joints because it means your foot, knee and hip joints, even your lower back joints, are moving around too much and joint surfaces will be constantly rubbing together. This motion of the joint surfaces rubbing IS how degeneration sets in and why shoes such as loafers will add to early joint degeneration and arthritis.

4.) Slippers

Closely linked to the reason why loafers aren’t too healthy, slippers also provide comfort on the base of your feet, but no protection to the joints above. Ankle joints can move FREELY and because slippers have NO real support or instep (if they did they wouldn’t be so comfy) and this means your foot rolls in, this stresses ligaments which eventually weakened and causes your knee joint to roll in too. If you are experiencing pain or an ache on the inside of your knee, and you always slippers around the house, now you know why. Eventually this adds stress to hip and lower back joints too.


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