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The Diary Of A Back Pain Victim (…and A Physio)

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Got a great little video for you to watch in a minute.

But first…

It’s 7.46pm and I’ve not long gotten in from another day in my physio clinic.

“I love my work”.

(But I love being at home with the family just as much…)

I’m sat on my couch in my home in Hartlepool.

I’m writing this email to you on my iPad and when I click SEND…

I’ll enjoy tea with my family and then spend some time playing on the floor with my little boy Harry before he goes to bed at 9.30 pm.

Tomorrow morning, that will start something like this:


At 6.40am that will be the sound of my Bell Tower alarm on my iPhone.

Time for another day of helping people out of their pain.

But not before I hit snooze at least 4 times.

And then I’ll then get out of bed and head straight to Harry’s bedroom in the hope that I can be there before he wakes up.

I love to be standing right over the top of him asleep in his cot and be the first person that he sees at the start of each new day.

The smile that he gives me takes less than a second to appear but the “fuzz” it creates in my stomach and the sensation it sparks down the left hand side of my body stays with me for the whole day.

Then I’ll eat my stone baked oatmeal (…with cinnamon and bananas) at the breakfast table and we’ll watch Disney Junior together.

(He loves “Curious George”).

Next I’ll put my very casual work clothes on and leave my home in Hartlepool.

It’s about 7.45am now.

Next, I jump into my car and I’m off to my most “important” part of the day…

I can’t really get started unless I stop by Mcdonalds for a latte.

Much prefer Costa or Starbucks but they’re too far to realistically travel…

By the time I hit the office, it’s about 8am.

Rarely is anyone else there before me.

Vicki usually arrives around 8.30am after she’s dropped Charlie off at her Mam’s, and when she does, we’ll often chat for a while before the first person arrives at 9am.

I have to admit, it’s a rather relaxed way to begin the day.

But the truth is, it is nothing like the morning that some of the people I’m about to spend the rest of my day with will be experiencing, at the same time (…people in pain).

* What about you? *

How does YOUR morning start?

If it’s anything like most people with back pain I get to meet, it often starts the night before and sounds something like this:

[Fade In…]

Go to bed with a back that is stiff, feels weak and painful.

Hope for a good nights sleep.

(Secretly know it’s not coming…)

Take some painkillers to help get off to sleep.

Leave a few more out on the bedside table in the anticipation of being woken up by pain.

No need for the alarm clock (again) this morning.

(Pain woke me well before I usually like to get up…again).

It’s 5.15am.

Everyone else in the house is fast asleep.

Decide to feel around my lower back with my left hand to see if there is any improvement.

No change.

Next, take time rising out of bed.

Don’t want to move to fast.

(That could make things worse…).

Reach for the dressing robe.

Good job it’s not on the floor.

Wouldn’t be possible to reach down to pick it up if it was.

Tentatively make my way down the corridor holding one hand on my lower back to support myself as I lean forwards trying to ease the pain.

To soon to risk standing up straight.

It’s dark still.

And I don’t want to wake anyone else by putting the lights on.

Slowly make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen to put the kettle on and listen to the radio.

Only more bad news on there though.

“Oh No”!…

Forgotten to take the scheduled round of painkillers.

Must go back up “those” stairs to get them.

Doesn’t matter.

(They don’t do much any way and I hate taking them…).

Wouldn’t be so bad if I could rest on the couch for another hour or so.

But sitting only makes things worse.

I’ll just stand.

Maybe do some ironing or clean the kitchen work tops…

Anything just to pass the time of the dark mornings until it’s time to get ready for work.

“Worse is to come”.

Realisation hits of needing to get washed and dressd isn’t a nice thought.

(Was particularly bad yesterday).

Make it through that and then I’m slowly out the door for 8am.

Not looking forward to the car journey though.

The sitting doesn’t help at all.

Getting in is bad enough, but getting out of the car after the journey, that’s even worse.

And so the day goes on….

(Tick toc, tick toc…)

And so does the back pain.

That only gets worse.

No signs of getting better.

(Tick toc, tick toc…)

Another day wasted.

Back to bed tonight.

“Maybe it’ll b different tomorrow”?…

Tick toc, tick toc.

[Fade Out…]

That’s a really common routine for someone with BACK PAIN.

But you DON’T need to have a diary that sounds anything like this.

There IS a better way to live.

And a miles easier way to get there than relying upon medication or waiting for a miracle cure to happen whilst you’re asleep.

Just look here, and tell us you want to put an end to living like this:

Talk To A Physio On A Free Telephone Consultation

* By the way – the 9 am slot is my favourite *.

It’s the most leisurely time of the day here and I recommend you ask for it when you talk to Vicki.

“Come a bit early”.

And join us for a chat and a coffee before we get down to business.

(Of ending your worries..)

Talk To A Physio On A Free Telephone Consultation

Talk soon,

Paul Gough 😉

Specialist Physio Clinics : Darlington – Durham – Guisborough – Hartlepool
Tel: 01429 866771

P.S Okay…about the video I promised…

Just click the link to watch it and then come back to the rest of this message…

“Can you see it”?

It’s the perfect analogy of how me and you (together) can end your back pain. How one small act can cascade you into a future that I’m sure you’re hoping for…

The large domino falling and crashing to the ground represents a life without back pain.

Imagine for a minute that the BIGGEST domino is YOUR back pain. And to you, it seems almost impossible to knock it over on your own.

But Watch It Again:

Click here to watch it…

And when you see that BIG domino falling to the ground, I want you to think of that having happened *with the help of a physio*.

Now think back to the very start of the video and the smallest domino that you witnessed being pushed over.

The “tiny little” one (5mm high, 1mm thick).

That on its own would have no chance of knocking the biggest one down.

But that “tiny little” domino represents a decision to either carry on for another day in pain, or trying something different (…physio).

You making your first move and arranging your visit to see a Physio, is the equivalent of knocking over that “tiny little” first domino in the set.

Every domino that falls after that is done by me and my team.

So what I’m saying to you is this:

That we do all of the hard work for you is not for doubting.

But I need YOU (read:you)… to knock over that tiny little domino first.

Just click here to do that:

Talk To A Physio On A Free Telephone Consultation

It’s here for you again:

Talk To A Physio On A Free Telephone Consultation

Paul Gough
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