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[The Healthy Habit Book Excerpt ] “Ageing – A Privilege Denied To Many” – By Physio Paul Gough

Am I ok I tell you a little bit more about my book?

“The Healthy Habit”



– Learn secrets to keep active, maintain independence and live free from painkillers. Essential reading for people aged 50+.”


Or, how about I go one better and actually reveal to you some of what’s inside?…

And let you see for your self why this book is so popular and is now selling all over the world helping people aged 50+ to keep active for longer.

Let me share with you you some content from the “Introduction” section of the book…

That way you can get a clear understanding of what this book is all about, why I felt I HAD to write it, and why the publisher was so keen to, well, publish it so that public could read it!!.

So here you go… the “Introduction” section of my new book titled, “The Healthy Habit”:


OK then, here, we GO —


“THIS BOOK is designed as a manual for clarity.

It is written for everyone aged 50 and over who wants to challenge the prevailing assumptions of today’s society and rather than viewing the second half of life as a time of progressive deterioration in mobility, independence and even “thinking”, view the ageing process as a privilege often denied to many and a great opportunity for increased mental and physical activity.

The good news is that because of advancements in medical research and science, there’s now the opportunity for more people than ever to live into their eighties, nineties, and beyond – with mobility, activity and independence maintained.

Thing is, so many people are failing to take that opportunity.

So why is that happening?

Well, from my experience, I have observed three reasons why:

* One – it’s because at the first sign of pain, stiffness or restriction, too many people just accept it, think, “it’s my age”, or worse, mask it with painkillers. What’s more, many people suffer from the disease of thinking “it won’t work for me” – as if their problem is somehow different from everyone else’s – and give up without a fight.

* Two – because “bad” and “poor” advice is often sought from generalists, when a specialist opinion was needed. Worse, because of the ease of access to information freely available on the internet these days, more and more people are making the quick and easy, yet painful and costly, mistake of trying to turn themselves into experts – and paying the price in the long run.

* Three – I believe that the biggest illness our society is currently suffering from is something called “instant gratification” – which, is basically, when people put off their long-term goals in exchange for instant pleasure.

An example of this:

everyone knows that if you’re overweight, more pressure is put on your knees and lower back. So one of the ways to ease knee pain, and therefore limit the suffering that comes from arthritis, is to simply lose weight!

If you’re a stone lighter, then your knees take less of a pounding every time you walk and knee pain will, inevitably, be significantly less. It might not go completely, but it will likely be a lot easier to live more independently with. Yet how many people are really willing to begin the process, and stick to it, of losing that excess weight which could make the difference they desire?

The problem is, losing weight takes time and requires discipline, and most people are simply unable to hold a picture in their mind’s eye of how much happier they would be in the future if their life was less interrupted by chronic knee pain – the result of being less heavy.

And this is why people choose the route of “instant gratification” – preferring to mask that knee pain with painkillers – to which, by the way, a long-term dependency and addiction is likely to add even MORE weight (through fluid retention), and therefore increase knee pain instead.

So, if the person with chronic, painful and life-limiting arthritis is unable to resist the instant pleasure of chocolate bars, biscuits and cakes – even knowing that doing so would take them closer to the outcome they desire – then what chance does that person have of being able to move into their eighties, nineties and even beyond with independence, mobility and activity intact?

This book is packed full with little-known health secrets – the type you’re unlikely to be told even in a doctor’s surgery. But just knowing them is not enough on it’s own.

Ultimately, your chances of maintaining independence and mobility and living free from painkillers comes down to the decisions that YOU choose to make. It’s true – your ability to make smart choices, overcome your own self-destructive behaviours and poor lifestyle choices will make the difference you’re likely to be looking for.

Of course, it helps to have reliable and specialist information on the best ways to do that at hand – and that’s just what this book is all about.

Over the next few decades, don’t be surprised to see if real improvements in life expectancy (and quality of life) are less driven by medical advances and more by improved decision- making – such as reading books like this one.

An example of good decision-making for an overweight movie or TV lover might be to enjoy watching a film while walking on a treadmill.

A long-term back pain sufferer? A 45-minutes- per-week Pilates class or a standing desk and less time sitting at work.

A 55-year-old woman suffering with chronic knee pain? …Changing the type of footwear she wears to shoes that might not look as nice, but do a better job of limiting the wear and tear process that is happening inside that painful knee.

Headaches and migraines? Some people suffer so badly that they feel like locking themselves in a dark cupboard all day long. The answer? Often it’s as simple as changing pillows and limiting the length of reading time immediately before bed.

Sounds simple?

Health success often really is!

And as with most things health related, the simplest answers are usually the best. As you read through this book, you’ll discover many of them.

Here’s my first tip: have a pen and paper handy ready to jot them all down as you read them – that way you’re more likely to take action.

Best of all, most of what you’ll learn you can apply to your life and start making a difference almost instantly.

Now, because I don’t know you or your health background personally, I can’t make any big or bold promises, but what I can confidently say is that by the end of this book you’ll have clarity. You’ll be in a position to be able to make a better, more educated and more informed decision about the future YOU.

It was my intention that this book would NOT be filled with complicated medical facts or terminology that will confuse more than it will impress – and I’ve stuck to it.

What’s more, there’s no magic silver bullet, or never-revealed-before insider information that will change the state of your health and lifestyle overnight. Such a book isn’t possible.

However, the pages that follow are packed full with simple ideas and little known, often overlooked suggestions to kick- start better health habits which, over time, and if applied faithfully, could very easily give you the health advantage you’re looking for – even in your eighties and nineties.

If I may make a prediction:

The problem you may encounter as you read through this book is this – many of the health habits I suggest may, at first, seem too easy and too simple, and therefore too good to be true.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking there’s no point in adding them to your life because they won’t have an impact upon your health, or assume they won’t work for you. I assure you they can, and for most people who read this book, they probably will.

So, let’s begin the book…



So there you go…

There’s a sneak preview of what this book is all about and why so many people are ordering it for themselves, family and friends and even work colleagues!

You know… the success of the book has taken even me by surprise…

…each day as I sat down to write it I had high hopes that it would help a great many people understand how easy it is to keep active, maintain independence and live a life free from painkillers…

– BUT –

I had no idea how many people would actually take on board what I say in the book and use it to make a positive difference in their life.

The reaction from readers has, at times, been quite “overwhelming”!

(But I’m not complaining of course 😉

Anyhow… maybe it will help you, too?

Would it be worth just a couple of hours of your time to read it and find out?

If you think it might, you can get the book directly from the official book website, here now:


The publisher valued the book at £17.99…

…although if you order it directly from this website, you can, for a short while longer, get it for just £12.99.

Order it here and get it sent directly to your home within a few days:



Paul Gough
– Published Author &
Leading UK physiotherapist.



Paul Gough
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