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The Most Relaxing And Fastest Way To Improve Fitness

Let me begin by asking you a question…

What’s the simplest way to improve your ability to exercise?

Drum roll….

“Change the way you breathe!”

If you think about it, just like your heartbeat, you breathe without even a single thought…

The Most Relaxing And Fastest Way To Improve Fitness

But here’s the thing, this involuntary action is actually quite complex… and research shows that a few simple tweaks to the way you breathe when you run or walk, can improve your health… and even how long you can exercise for.

Last Wednesday my staff took part in a morning ‘meditation’ session – and it was amazing just how calm and yet revitalised and energised they felt at the same time afterwards.

In fact, I even tell my patients to get in tune with their breathing to ease any tension in their body – and the results are incredible!…

I love to be outdoors… and I’m a self confessed “fresh air junkie”, I enjoy nothing better than opening up my patio doors first thing in the morning… or winding down my car window to take in fresh air for a few moments before starting the day – it helps me to feel energised, and instantly healthier too!

Anyway, how does breathing come into being active, and how can it help to improve your exercise?

Well, do you ever notice yourself breathing through your chest?

Most people I talk with do.

If you engage in chest breathing (usually through your mouth), whilst out on your morning runs, on your walk home from work, or during any exercise classes you might be part of – then you’ll find yourself feeling LESS energised by the time you come to the end of your day.

I’ve personally been experimenting with the best way the breathe during the day (and first thing in the morning), to ensure that I actually breathe the right way during my runs, and feel great later on that night for it!

All you need to make this work is to find a spare 5 minutes in the morning – just as you get out of bed?

Breathing deeply through your nose to ensure that you take as much fresh air in as possible. I also keep my focus on my breath during my runs and weekly cycles.

I can guarantee that next time you take a run around Guisborough woods, or a leisurely stroll around the park – you’ll find yourself enjoying exercise more, and maybe even being able to exercise for longer too!

woods running

I gave this advice to a patient of mine recently who wanted to run for a longer period of time, and just by concentrating on his breath for a few moments before he set out to go, he actually increased his time from running for 20 minutes, to 25 instead with ease (and Joe is 65 so there’s really no excuses!).

So, why not give it a go? All you need is the fresh air and the ability to breathe (which you already have!), simple!

So enjoy your exercising this weekend and let me know how you get on… it would be great to hear all about the benefits that you feel, maybe you’ll increase your running time too.

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