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Three Concerns Stopping People From Trying Physio And Causing More Back Pain Than Is Necessary…

Herein, I will “pull the curtain apart”…(on physio for back pain)

Here are three questions and concerns we received from people following the email a couple days ago in which I asked for replies.

I’ll use them as the context for my response about what physio is and what we do (for you) here.

* First Question (From Dave Spencer, 48. Bishop Auckland)

“Is physio only for people in a lot of pain?”

Dave is an office worker who travels a lot in his car to get to and from work.

He has more discomfort and stiffness (…than pain) and I think what he’s really saying is this:

“Can I justify spending money on myself if I’m not in a huge amount of pain?”…

As if he’d feel better/less guilty in him self by choosing physio if he was in lots of pain.

* Next little question (From Theresa Davison, 53. Saltburn):

“Does physio offer an opportunity to get other things looked at? I’ve hurt my back but I’ve got lots of other niggly little things going wrong too…”.

* Next question (From Anne, 58. Hartlepool)

“First off, let me answer the question you asked me a few days ago ‘What is your biggest fear about physio’?…”

I fear the unknown.

I fear turning up and getting there and having no clue what so ever, about what’s about to happen. Worse, that I’ll leave having wasted your time, my time and my money on something which I’m not sure I should have been trying in the first place…”

Anne’s fear of ‘the unknown’ is a common one.

Most people start out like that.

The other big concern here, “the fear of wasting the physios time”.

Thats commendable btw and very thoughtful.

I like Anne’s values. She sounds just like most of my other patients.

(Thoughtful and respectful of others who are lovely to work with).

And sounds like she’s just fearful of something that she doesn’t know much about.

And that’s stopping her going in pursuit of something that just might not work?

Basically, just lots of confusion.

But I hear ya’, Anne.

= = =

Let me make a start on answering:

I’ll start with why physio ISN’T only for people in a lot of pain.

And why most of our visitors with back “pain”, are actually in more discomfort and have loads of stiffness (just restricting what they can and can’t do…) rather than excruciating pain.

The simple answer is that most people “get over” the severe (ten-out-of-ten) pain stage on their own, or with some other type of assistance.

Here’s what I mean:

You wake up one day, or twist sharply in the garden, even lift a heavy object and the pain is really bad.

Too bad to cope and so you go to the doctors.

He or she gives you a cocktail of medication to take for a few weeks, tells you to rest and this numbs the pain.

So far, so good.

Problem is, this did ZERO to resolve the problem that led to the severe pain in the first place.

Eventually, the severe pain drops, but you’re left with something that doesn’t feel quite right and you hope for the best it’ll go on its own.

One day you begin to accept that it isn’t right.

Next you ask a few questions, do a few Google searches and resign your self to the fact that you need to do something like exercises or physio.

(But which?)

From this point on, it’s just a matter of timing.

“WHEN” you’ll go and see one, rather than if you need to see one.

And there’s another scenario.

It’s much more common too:

The one where there’s no big impact, no big fall.

Your back just gets tighter and tighter, stiffer and stiffer and the pain is “tolerable”.

So you do just that.

(Tolerate it…)

Why wouldn’t you?

The voice in your head is telling you that you can.

Maybe even telling you that you’d be crazy to waste your money on physio?

But day after day, it gets worse.

And the decision to see a physio ends up coming on much sooner than you hoped. The goal with this route is to STOP the pain from getting to the point where it’s so sever that you can hardly sleep at night.

And I’ve learned that people love to wait.

They hope (…that it’ll just go).

And why wouldn’t they?

Most stuff like this does…”doesn’t it”?

(But not as quick as you hope when you pass 40…).

But then what happens is that they accept it isn’t.

And ultimately what drives them to physio is the fear that they’re going to suffer more, will need to become reliant upon mediation and trips to the GP, or be stuck with it for life.

And who wants to live like that?

(With a bad back for the next 30 years or more?…)

“No thank you”.

So, don’t kid your self that discomfort and stiffness aren’t two problems worthy of solving.

There’s no reason you should have to live with either.

Get the idea?

Moving on…

Anne’s being stopped by the fear that she’s going to waste her time, my time and her money.


That’s not possible.

And here’s why:

Within 15 mins you will know what is wrong.

(Not much time wasted there…)

And once you know that, you’re free to make the next call.

You’ll walk out the door feeling “ten tonne” lighter because a weight is lifted from your shoulders.

And once you know what’s wrong, you’re back in control.

You decide what happens next.

If you like the sound of what physio can do, ask to become one of our patients and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Or, if you want to take all of the advice and self help stuff I give you and D.I.Y after that, then “hey”, that’s fine by me too.

As for your money?

I wouldn’t keep any of it unless I get the distinct impression you were happy at the end and that I can see some relief in your face.

(And btw – I know what this looks like. Seen it a dozen times already today…)

As for wasting MY time?

That’s not going to happen.

My job is to be here to provide answers and shed some light on health problems.

If we can make one “tiny little” in-road that gives you some hope and leaves you clear with what you need to do or what’s going wrong, then it’ll have been worth it.

Unless you’re planning on booking and not showing up, there’s no such thing as wasting my time.

Your time and your health are more important (than my time).

They’re your most valuable assets and I respect that.

It really is that simple and there’s no catch.

Last one and a quick reminder of the Question…

“Does physio offer an opportunity to get other things looked at? I’ve hurt my back but I’ve got lots of other niggly little things going wrong too…”


And you know what, in order to get to the root cause of your back pain and stop it, we often have to get past all of the “niggly little things” going wrong anyway.

You’re going to get a FULL M.O.T.

We’ll check everything for you.

And give you answers and solutions to each of the things concerning you.

Pound bets 10 that if you are suffering with lots of other little things, that most are being caused by your ongoing back problem.

That’s how it nearly always works.

(I’ll explain “why”, when you get here.)

So, by making just one improvement to your lower back, you can often leave feeling miles better because it’s helped all the other stuff too.

That help?

I hope so.

And does that answer your last remaining concerns?

If it does, and you’re ready, you just need to look here and make the decision to put an end to your worries:

I’m Waiting To Help You – Just Make An Enquiry — > call 01429 866771)

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More Info for back pain sufferers, here:

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