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Tips For Christmas Presents For Runners That You Can’t Find On Amazon

Let me share with you some Christmas shopping tips for new and old runners that you wont find on Amazon.

See, it’s the time of year where strange things happen.

Not least because the weather makes it increasingly more difficult to stay fit and active, but it’s also the time of year when a new breed of runner emerges.

The ones inspired by a new pair of trainers or some type of clothing they’ve received as a gift on Christmas morning.

Let’s start with the cold.

I was out for a run last night and no kidding, I had two pairs of leggings, three under tea shirts, a running jacket and another “thicker” one over the top too. Not to mention my hat, gloves and my hood up.

See, I like to start warm.

And as I like to keep my runs to about thirty minutes at a time, I haven’t got the time to warm into my run – so to speak. And that’s a mistake I see a lot of runners make. They will leave the house in the middle of winter wearing not much more than they would have in summer and return wondering why they felt they could never get going – or worse, injured.

Paying attention to how warm you are when you run is vital. And how much water is lost at the other end is important too. For me, because I wear a lot of clothing, which by the way, also helps with the motivation to actually go and do it no matter how cold it is, I end up sweating a lot – often more than in summer.

And so if you’re doing the same and you’re “all layered up” when you run, keep a check on the amount of water you’re loosing and don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s winter, and it’s freezing cold, that you wont be loosing any. Reality is, you could be loosing more and so the trick is to keep your fluid intake high and consume as much as you can as soon as you’re done.

Now lets talk about the new breed of fitness enthusiasts, soon to hit the streets near you. You’ll spot them a mile off – they’ll be the ones with the brand new running shoes and the very latest, often colourful, running clothing.

And so if you or anyone you know is about to embark on a fitness kick as a result of a new stuff being bought you Christmas, here’s some tips to help make it easier:

1.) The number one most important thing is your footwear.

Trainers don’t need to be all that expensive but don’t under estimate the importance of a decent pair of running shoes. Tennis shoes wont do, the trendy ‘six-fifty’s’ or white plimsoles are defiantly out and resist the temptation to choose those old tired running shoes you’ve occasionally used over the past few years. To reduce the risk of injury you need fresh, well cushioned proper runners.

After all, running shoes are designed for running and if you’re a beginner your legs are going to need all the protection they can get. My advice if you’re buying, don’t go for the big name obvious brands, they might look great, but not necessarily right for what you need.
Each brand of trainer will have a set instep, so once you have found the brand that you like, stick with it. I’ve seen injuries like shin splints and Achilles problems happen simply because a patient has swapped the make of trainer.

2.) Wear something comfortable.

In winter, most new runners will over UNDER dress at the beginning forgetting how cold it is and – and how difficult it is to warm up. If the temperature drops below 5 Celsius or you’re a very early morning runner, be sure to wear at least some leggings and a long sleeve tee shirt and gloves and hat are essential as hands take the longest to warm up and most heat is lost through your head. Better to have the warm blood supply hitting the important muscles your going to be using than in your hands that are pretty un-important.

Paul Gough
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