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Tips For Getting Out Of Bed More Easily – Even In Winter

One of the nice things about writing this my newspaper columns every week is that I get to receive some very nice comments from readers…

Even better, I often get to engage with readers around town who seem to be equally as interested in the topic of “better health” as I am.

And this week, I got sent my first “book” by a reader – which I was thrilled by!

And, what I thought would be nice would be to share the content of some of it with you – because I think some of the “tips” inside of it might just come in handy – especially as it’s likely to be increasingly difficult to get out of bed on a morning with the dark mornings right in our face.

First, let me say thank you to “Sam Lee” from Hartlepool – seriously, it was a lovely surprise to get the book sent to me unannounced – she really made my day and has obviously picked up on LOVE of reading inspiring books.

And the book – well, it’s called:

“The Miracle Morning – The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life Before 8am (By Hal Elrod)

Now, I really enjoyed reading it – and it arrived at a time where I was glad to be reminded of some “tips” to make getting out of bed just that little bit easier. Because, even though I’ve written articles on this myself, even featured a whole section on it in my own book which is soon to be published and available on Amazon, it never hurts to be reminded of these types of things over and over again.

So here goes… 5 top tips from the book to help you get out of bed much more easily this coming winter:

1.) Keep your alarm clock across the room – movement creates a sudden burst of energy so doing this not only makes you feel better instantly, it also means you HAVE to get up – at least just to switch it off! And once you’re up, stay up and jump right in the shower!

2.) Set a timer for lights – one of the reasons it’s so difficult to rise easily in the winter is because of the lack of light. We’re conditioned to sleep when it’s dark, be active when it’s dark So, try “tricking” yourself by setting a timer on a lamp in your bedroom which comes on and gets brighter, gradually.

3.) Set a timer for your bedroom heater – getting up when it’s cold is not fun! You could do something similar to the lamp by setting a timer on a little heater to come on 10 minutes before you want to get up so that you’re much more likely to want to get up an switch that alarm clock off – which is now over the other side of the room remember!

4.) Drink a full glass of water – why important? Because you’re likely to be very dehydrated – your body has had no water for 8 hours and so it’s a bit like trying to drive a car which has no oil – you aren’t going to get very far without some of it!

5.) Get dressed ASAP! – the longer you linger in the stuff that you’ve slept in, the longer it will feel for your day to start and the longer the early morning “lethargy” will last. Before you even make it down stairs, shower then clothes and you’ll feel ready to go much more quickly.

Like anything worthwhile, you’ve got to stick at it.

Now’s a great time to turn these 5 tips into a daily habit and instead of the “drudgery” of winter mornings, turn mornings into a time of the day that you really look forward to – then watch how much more you’ll enjoy the rest of your day as a result. Good luck 😉

Paul Gough
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