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Tips To Help You Cut Down On Stress This Winter

As we head into winter, the same thing might happen to you as it does most people… And if you already find it hard enough to deal with stress in your day-to-day life, chances are you find it even more difficult with the festive frenzy that comes around this time of year.

And even though Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it can feel pretty hectic too…

I was talking with one of my patients Angela, 56, Hartlepool just last week about her Christmas plans, and she said that even though her favourite part about it is watching her grandson filled with excitement to see what Santa has brought him, the whole build up to Christmas makes her feel like she’s running around non-stop, and even her back tension starts gets worse!

So with that said I wanted to share some tips with you on ways to cut down on stress this season, so you can make the most out of your Christmas and have fun, (with a lot less back pain too!)

Here goes:

Tips To Help You Cut Down On Stress This Winter

1.) Start Your Day Right

Start your day by having a little ‘me time’ at breakfast. I like to wake up half an hour earlier than my little boy Harry so I can prioritise my tasks on a list, and enjoy my breakfast before my son wakes up. It’s a simple tip that can stop stress from affecting you all day long. Seeing everything laid out on a page will make it more manageable, and having some ‘me time’ is a perfect way to start your day on a good note.

2.) Move Your Body

Do something to get your body moving every day (no matter how busy you are). You don’t have to book a fitness class, or go for a long walk; just 20 minutes a day where you get up and do something, like a few stretches, will keep you active and mobile, as well as keeping back tension at bay when the temperatures are lower!

3.) Avoid The Busy Shops

Lets face it, entering the shops during this time of year to do your Christmas shopping can be pretty stressful! Instead of hitting the shops, try something else like lighting a few candles and doing your shopping online.

Most of my Christmas shopping is now done from my computer, and as well as cutting out a stressful, busy shopping trip, you save a lot of time too!

Now’s the perfect time to turn these 3 tips into a healthy habit, and instead of the “stress” the festive season can bring, apply these habits each day and watch how much more you’ll enjoy this time of year as a result 🙂

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