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The VIP Better Health Club – Strictly Limited And By Application Only

ATTENTION:  Introducing The Next Big Thing In North East Health Care…

PG VIP outline


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“The Easiest Way To Achieve Long-Term Better Health, Guarantee Lifestyle Prosperity And Maintain Your Independence For Years To Come (… And Save Money Doing It!)”

If you qualify to join the Better Health Club we do everything you need to find the long-term freedom from pain and stiffness you’re likely hoping for AND help you achieve the kind of lifestyle prosperity – that most people age 50+ – think is just a dream or only happens in the movies!

Dear Prospective VIP Better Health Club Member,

You’re NOT new to the difficulties and frustration that comes from living with chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness.

You’ve likely tried many different things: asked the GP, painkillers, rest, exercise programmes and classes and looked on the internet to find answers – even lived with hope that you’ll just wake up one morning and the pain will be gone!

But NON of that stuff has worked that well for you – and if it has, it’s been inconsistent and so far failed to give you the lasting relief you’re looking for and even left you wondering if you’ll always have to live with things like:

  • Chronic lower back ache which continues to come and go – and when it comes, interrupts every day for days on end!
  • Long-term knee pain which limits how far you can walk and when it strikes, leaves you hobbling like someone 20 years older than you might AND looking for the painkillers to suppress the pain until it goes away.
  • Daily, nagging and very annoying neck or shoulder pain that limits sleep and your enjoyment of life.
  • Frequent migraine headaches so bad you feel like you want to find a dark closet – and lock yourself inside!

The question is: “what now”? Where do you go from here? And how long are you pre-pared to go on like that?

And maybe it’s “ok” for now.

You’re telling yourself you’re “happy” to live with it – able to “cope” and happy to accept pain and stiffness, as though it’s normal and because everyone around you is doing the same!

(Maybe you don’t even realise you have a choice?)

But what about as you get older?

What about when others depend upon you for THEIR well being?

And not just in terms of the income you provide, but in the time you have to give and share with them.

I’m talking about your FAMILY and the people you love and care about most.

They need YOU.

And in order to be truly there for them, you can’t continue following the path that took you to the GP, trying every different painkiller available, or even just the odd session of physio or chiropractic – when you know deep down you need something much more sustained and long-term to REALLY solve your problems.

So where do you start?

Take Responsibility For Your Own Health And Lifestyle Prosperity

The first step in moving forward is taking responsibility for where you are now and getting to where you want to be.

That might sound obvious and overly simplistic, but believe me, it’s not.

Most people are unwilling to do so.

Because it’s much easier to do anything BUT that.

And if YOU are suffering with MORE back, knee, neck or shoulder pain, even migraine headaches, than you think you should be, at this time of your life, then:

Blame Doctors for their poor advice.

Blame the drug companies for making their “quick fix” painkillers option appear very easy and appealing – even sensible!

Blame the people around you who told you to accept ill health just because “it’s your age” and everyone else does.

But NOW’s the time to change all that.

And by reading this letter, you are on the right track.

You’re seeking better answers, hoping to make a better, more informed and more educated decision about your health and future lifestyle prosperity.

Introducing :

PG VIP outline

I’ll start with an over view of the VIP BETTER HEALTH CLUB and how we work with clients and patients to achieve wonderful results in their health and lifestyle.

When you join, you’ll be given all most unlimited access to our THREE different health care professionals specialising in: Therapeutic Massage (to work on tight muscles), Acupuncture (to ease chronic pain), And a Physical Therapist (to unlock stiff joints and prepare exercise programmes to make your body stronger and more flexible).

Between these three specialists, we’ve got you’re back!

Meaning you’re covered whether it’s tight muscles, stiff joints or chronic pain – we’ve got a SPECIALIST on hand to over come all of these common problems for you, quickly and easily – meaning you can enjoy getting more living out of life everyday.

And to my knowledge, there’s nothing like this in the UK.

You know, one place to get access to three specialists in one almost unlimited and never ending care plan which focus’s on YOUR specific health needs for an entire year!

We’re Going To Make It Easy For You To

Enjoy Keeping Active

Across the next twelve months we’ll will take care of all your health needs, as they happen: whether you need us for back pain, knee pain, neck or shoulder problems, even migraine headaches –  you’ll be able to access our care with only 24 hours notice needed – meaning NO MORE trips to the GP, definitely NO more relying upon painkillers, and no need to spend hours looking on the Internet for answers to problems which you can rarely find and even if you can, you’re never really sure of how credible the advice is.

Everything we do is geared to towards keeping you more active and more healthy (than everyone else) and starts with a “kick-off” session with a specialist member of our team where we listen to your goals and hopes for a healthier future – and tailor your treatment sessions and exercise plans to help you achieving those goals.

Here’s How It Might Play Out

You might wish to come and see us “bi-weekly” – and choose to have two sessions every other week, for say 3 months.

Or, if works best for you – just come every week!

It might be that you have a really stiff lower back that always gets worse in winter – if so, why not leave 20-25 of your sessions for the winter period?

You could ensure a “pain free” winter when it’s cold and damp (and your pain always gets worse) with 4 visits every month over the ENTIRE winter period –  then (depending upon which membership plan you choose) you’d still have a dozen or so sessions to use up and you could kick back and enjoy some relaxing and soothing massages?

The choice is all yours.

Or, if your knee plays up in the summer when you’re more active and like to be out walking, then come and see us for two or three visits every week during that especially busy time of your life?

You know your body best – you decide when to come!

Maybe your neck and shoulder or migraine headaches get worse suddenly?

We’ve got you covered – just call us and we’ll get you into see a pain relief specialist that SAME DAY and use as many sessions as you need and don’t stop coming until you’re feeling healthy again or you’ve got the relief you’re looking for – with any of our plans you’ll have more than enough “credit” to make sure you’re always covered.

There’s even 8 guest passes included – which means if any member of your immediate family is suffering with anything, you can help to make them healthy by giving up 8 of your sessions and letting that person come for treatment too!

Joining our club will likely save you (and your partner) from unnecessary pain, stop you missing out on nice things with your friends or family, it’ll definitely cut down on the number of painkillers or trips to the GP you’ll need to make and best, because of the lower prices you’ll pay, you’re going to save a LOT of money by being in the VIP better health club too. 

And what about this: if you like the sound of a deep, therapeutic and very relaxing luxury massage on some tight muscles EVERY WEEK, for a whole YEAR, you could even do that to – and still have some sessions left over to give to your partner or a close family member!

Whose It For?

This “Better Health Club” is perfect for you if you’re aged 45+ and have ever suffered with:

  • Chronic “on-off” back ache which makes sitting, walking, even sleeping difficult and regularly limits your enjoyment of life.
  • Long term knee pain and are hoping to avoid surgery and maintain your mobility and independence for many more years to come.
  • Neck or shoulder pain that seems to “nag” every day or limit freedom with which you can turn your head.
  • Migraine headaches that are so severe (and unpredictable) that you feel like locking yourself in a dark room until it goes.


  • You just LOVE being active and healthy and know that having access to all our specialists to keep your muscles and  joints more supple IS better than painkillers or taking generic advice from a doctor.
  • You’re regularly in and out of physio and chiropractor and this would save you money while getting more treatment at the same time.

So, Here’s Your Membership Options To Join

The VIP Better Health Club:

Option1: Bronze (Good)

24 Visits to our specialists in total (split across 12 months)

  • 12 sessions of Physiotherapy and or Acupuncture
  • 12 session of therapeutic massage

Total value of 20 sessions if paid for individually  = £1320 (£110 p.c.m)

You pay just: £89 p.c.m

(Total saving if you go for Bronze = £252)

Apply for this package by clicking here >>>

Option 2: Silver (Better)

36 visits to our specialists in total:

  • 18 sessions Physiotherapy and or Acupuncture
  • 18 sessions of Therapeutic Massage with our specialist

Total value of 36 sessions if paid for individually = £1980 (or £165 p.c.m)

You pay just: £99 p.c.m

(Total Saving if you go for Silver = £792)

Apply for this package by clicking here >>>

Option 3: Gold (Best)

(Limited to just 2 people per month)

48 visits to our specialists in total:

Inclusive of:

  • 22 sessions Physiotherapy and or Acupuncture
  • 26 sessions of Therapeutic Massage

Total value of 48 sessions if paid for individually = £2640  (or £220 p.c.m)

You pay just : £129 p.c.m 

(Total saving if you go for Gold = £1092)

Apply for this package by clicking here >>>

Note: all membership options involve a 12 month payment commitment which is made via an automated and very easy to set up (direct debit style) monthly payment plan which is set up at the start for you.

If you would prefer to pay in full, with one single payment, a 5% reduction in your total investment will be immediately applied upon successful application. 

Plus, Every Membership Level Comes With These Added Free Bonus’s Too:

  • Join us on our OUTDOOR adventure days – we’ll take you over to places like the Lake District (we do all the arranging, all you have to do is show up and enjoy 😉
  • A FREE introduction to things like Yoga and Pilates classes
  • V.I.P invite to our Summer BBQ
  • V.I.P Invite to our Christmas Karaoke 
  • BONUS, VIP Massage as soon as you’re accepted!
  • 8 Guest Passes to keep your family healthy too – allocate up to 8 sessions of your package to immediate members of family.
  • 25% off upto 3 pairs of orthotics
  • Special family-friends discounted rate for treatment (if your referrer your friends and family, they can take advantage of our lowest ever session rate)
  • Priority access access to a specialist (within 24 hours)
  • 999 session – up to 5 times across the course of the year you can call us and we’ll guarantee you get seen that SAME DAY!
  •  A FREE copy of Paul’s new book “The Healthy Habit” (Available on Amazon from Jan 2015 priced £17.99)…


So, How Do You Join?

First, let me say that this is NOT available to the Public.

(You’ll never see this advertised.)

And to my knowledge, no other physio clinic in the whole of the UK offers anything like this and is certainly not available in the North East.

Whats more, it’s very exclusive and it’s only available to very valued and loyal clients and patients of Paul Gough Physio Rooms.

Second, because of the huge demand for this since we announced it, and because we only want to let people into the group who we are 100% confident will benefit from joining, entry is by successful application only.

Now, I’ll personally be involved in reviewing your application form and I’ll do it at the same time as discussing with the therapist who likely mentioned this to you, or who initially put you forward for this application and we’ll do that because we want to be sure that you’re going to get the benefit you’re hoping for, from being a member.

Oh, And It’s Strictly Limited Too

For obvious reasons, like quality control, we’re limiting membership intake to just “5” new members per calendar month – which will take place on the 1st of each month.

And when the club reaches 50 members, that’s it!

“We’ll be full!”

And after we top “50” people, we’re shutting the doors.

It’ll be a case of “one out, one in” and then we’ll set up a waiting list for people to register their interest and be notified as space becomes available.

What To Do Next…

Ok, so here’s what you need to do next if you’re at all interested in this and what it could do to improve your health and lifestyle…

Your can start your application by filling out this confidential form:

 Click here to fill out the form and apply for the programme of care you want >>> 

While we can’t guarantee your acceptance into the programme, nor that the membership level you want is available, my team and I look forward to receiving your application and speaking with you further:

Click here to fill out the form and apply for the programme of care that works best for you >>>

Here’s to you having even better health 😉





Paul Gough
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