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What A Trip To “Cape Town” Has To Do With Seeing A Physio

Just about anyone who ever came to my physio clinic started off unsure about whether or not “Physio” could even help them.

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In fact, I’d go so far as to say that some people even started off completely *closed off* from the idea that a physio like me could help them like they hoped.

And one of the reasons for that is that in the beginning, they just didn’t REALLY know what a Physio even does, or how one can help.

And so they start off by saying “NO” to something that they don’t even know much about.

And I hear something similar to this going on all the time around me even out of the physio world.

Now, here’s a little story for you:

If you got to know me personally, you’d soon realise that I love to travel.

It’s a huge part of my life which brings me much excitement and adventure and I nearly always like to travel to different places each time I go up in the sky.

I’ve been to places like “India”, “Vietnam” and “Bali”, even down to “Cape Town” in South Africa and all across Canada, Australia and the USA.

And whenever I go and come back from those types of places, people are very quick to tell me that they wouldn’t enjoy it, or that it’s unsafe, or whatever pre-determined opinion they have of that place, and usually without even asking me what it was like.

Take South Africa for example:

“Cape Town” is on my list of the top three most favourite places I’ve ever visited.

Yet, if you speak to someone who hasn’t been, they would tell you that they *think* “Cape Town” is unsafe – so would never want to go!

But, if you ask ANYONE who HAS been to Cape Town, they will TELL you that it is VERY safe, and that is based up their own experiences of being there and walking around late at night, NEVER once feeling threatened.

And the USA is the same:

People in Britain have a “love it” or “hate it” relationship with the Americans.

Ask anyone who hasn’t been, and they often say they don’t want to go because they don’t like Americans (because of “the way that they go on”) and yet they can only make this assumption based on hear say, TV shows, or from Hollywood movies that they’ve watched.

Now, you ask anyone whose been to America or travelled all around it, and you’ll realise that they only thing bad they have to say about the USA is this: it is so good, and so enjoyable, that they never want to go anywhere else!

So maybe there’s something to be learned in this email about the way you see physio.

If you’re ever “guilty” of jumping to quick conclusions like making the assumption that the people from the USA are “false”, or ever caught your self assuming that somewhere like India or Cape Town “isn’t safe” – and you’ve never been – then there’s chance that you’re assuming that something like Physio isn’t “any good” or can’t help you!

Because until you’ve sat on the plane and walked around Cape Town late at night, or crossed the Atlantic and talked to a LOT of Americans, from multiple different states, then you can NEVER be sure that what you’re thinking is correct.

And it’s the same with Physio — until you’ve tried it out for yourself by testing it or sampling it, you’ll never know if you’re making a miss-judgement on something that might be able to help you, based upon assumptions!

And I know a lot of that is going on.

Which is why I offer you this:

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You don’t need a passport, or an expensive plane ticket to FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF if Physio is as good as I say it is, or not as effective as you think it is.

Why don’t you find out for sure?

And then, after you’ve had a look at what we can do, decide if you want to “fly” back for another visit to see us again.

Who knows, you might like Physio so much, much like I explain to people that they shouldn’t judge Americans, or the safety record of Cape Town, until they’ve gone and experienced it for them self, you might be doing the same to people who gossip about the effectiveness of physio – despite never having tried it.

Look here to start the process of seeing for yourself how Physio works:

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Just click the link ^ and fill out the quick form.

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