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Who Else Has Piled On a few lbs!….

Some food for thought after the Christmas ‘over-indulge’.

Here’s the thing.

Adding just one extra stone and carrying that around with you, adds to your risk of suffering early arthritis by 25%.

If you’ve ever heard your knees click, your back crack or your ankles clunk, that’s likely to be the sound caused by two very uneven joints rubbing together. A.K.A arthritis.

And it’s going to happen to you anyway.

But the problem is that many people are bringing it upon themselves early, and causing unnecessary health problems, by carrying around with them just a few extra pounds.

Now piling on a few extra pound is commonplace in the UK after Xmas. Hands up who ISN’T guilty and there wont be many readers with their arms aloft.

And one thing that is often lost in translation when it comes to physical ill health caused by carrying too much weight, is that the damage is often irreversible.

Take for example the likes of diabetes or high blood pressure; with a bit of discipline and the right advice from your GP, both can likely be controlled.

The problem you have with excessive pressure on your joints, and too much wear and tear on the soft stuff in between trying to protect them, is that once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Frankly, one in five people over the age of 45 will suffer and how many of them are suffering early because they weren’t made aware of such a fate caused by carrying just that bit too much weight?

For most people, shedding a stone or so can be done with a simple but strict diet.

Eating things such as grilled fish, boiled chicken without any fattening sauce, plain rice and potatoes minus the heavy butter or broccoli and carrots instead of noodles and egg fried rice ordered from the local curry house because its quick and easy rather than good and healthy, is often a good place to start.

For others, or someone like me, well, it’s more of case of hoping that enough people come round to visit in the next few weeks and digest the excessive amount of chocolate bars and selection boxes that are sat in my kitchen, before I do.

That, combined with a few gentle jogs on the grass, a swim or two in the newly renovated Mill House Baths and a quiet walk along the beach a few times on a weekend, and you’ll see that what for so many people turns into a life long battle to shed the Christmas pounds, is much easier than many others out there will have you believe.

Paul Gough
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