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“Why ANDY doesn’t bother with the GP either” (Ankle pain)

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“Meet Andy”.

He, in his own words, doesn’t bother with the GP either simply because:

“There’s NO point”

He realised a few years back now that he is better off in the hands of a *Specialist Physio*, than a Generalist Practitioner.

Even if he has to “pay” for it.

See, Andy LOVES to play squash.

Plays regularly at Darlington Squash club and it’s something that is a really important part of his life.

But playing squash is inevitably going to bring along with it one or two ankle and foot injuries.

And that’s how we first met Andy.

And we’ve helped him out a few times
now and when ever he’s suffered from ankle sprains or Achilles tendon injuries, that are just an inevitable consequence of the exercise he loves to do.

He LOVES to come and see us because he knows that we can fix him up “good”, he can get the appointments when he wants them, leaves with exercises that work best for him and that lets him get on his way again, fast!…

Anyways, don’t take my word for it, hear his full story for yourself when you press PLAY here:

Andy kindly went on video to show you why he’s another person who doesn’t bother with the GP or the NHS, and why he thinks Physio from us is his BEST option.

He was also VERY honest in some of his answers:

In particular and when I asked him this:

“What was the one thing you
wanted to know about
Physio before you arrived..?”

And one of them was the potential “COST” that was likely to be involved.

Find out what he now thinks about the “cost” of Physio and the value he places upon it…

– And –

Why he continues to be very HAPPY to spend money on Physio whenever he needs to, and all because of what it lets him “DO”.

And then…

If you’d like to get positive results like Andy, and you’re ready to make an enquiry about Physio Cost and Avilaibiltity, click here:

Find Out What Cost And When You Can See Our Best Physio

It’s a very easy way to take the next step towards getting the right advice and care you originally came looking for.

It’s EXACTLY where Andy started and look how happy we made.

Be quick to enquire tho…

Our diaries are VERY busy because of the results we acheive for people and all appointments are limited and on a first come, first serve, basis.

Find Out What Cost And When You Can See Our Best Physio

Talk soon,

Paul 😉

P.S If and when you choose to come and get your Physio here at Paul Gough’s Physio Place, I want you to know it comes with an option to “try physio before you buy”…

That means you can access ALL our great tips and get the best hands-on treatment you want, with no-obligation to pay at the end.


It means you can sample and taste EVERYTHING that we have waiting here for you, and if you don’t like what we do, you don’t have to pay.

You’ll arrive for your Physio here and all along know that you’re OKAY to walk out at the end WITHOUT paying, if you decide that we didn’t make you VERY happy.

Find out when the next available appointment is, here:

Find Out What Cost And When You Can See Our Best Physio

Paul Gough
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