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Why Does Back Pain Happen Anyway?…Discover 4 Common Reasons Why…

Sometimes it happens…

You’re chugging along nicely.

You feel fit & well.

And you think your health problems are way off in the future for another day.

Then suddenly…

You feel something not quite right (…at your lower back).

Maybe you even begin to kid your self that it’s nothing.

That it will go away on its own.

Or you just pass it off as having just slept awkwardly, or something simple like that.

But there’s no obvious reason why.

No clue.

No real explanation.

And if that’s happened to you, please “try not to worry”…

I know it’s easier said than done, but honestly, there are lots of reasons why your back pain might have happened


Most, if not all, are really easy to fix ;=)

For example…


* It could just be a simple case that your lower back muscles have finally “packed up” after years of over use

* Maybe you suffered some back pain years ago, thought nothing of it at the time, but the REAL damage has been slow in building and has finally decided to surface now that your body isn’t quite as flexible or as strong as it once was

* Perhaps you sit a lot?… At work or in your car, or maybe you’ve just picked up a bit of a bad habit that means you “slouch” when you’re watching TV, or maybe you sleep in a funny way (on your front)?

* Maybe you’re the one person in the house that is left to do ALL the house work, who is always cleaning the floor and picking things up after the kids or grandkids, or you spend time in the garden attending to “it’s” needs and constantly stressing your back whilst doing it…

…And if so, the toll all this has taken over the years is perhaps finally beginning to surface in the form of the back pain and stiffness you’re now suffering.


…And the list goes on.

But rarely does it ever get more complex than anything you’ve just read above.

In fact, I often argue that back pain is inevitable.
(Almost unavoidable…)

That it’s actually the sign of an active and “on-the-go” life where you’ve put to good use everything that you’ve been given.

It’s just a shame that when you hit *40*, definitely *50*, and most certainly *60*, the really strong back that you once had when you were younger, isn’t so much any more.

But it’s nothing that can’t be helped.

Whatever it is that’s causing your back pain, I’ll be able to confirm it for you in minutes… and put it right not long after.

Chances are that if you’ve had your back pain for longer than *9 days*, it ISN’T something that’s likely to go (away) on its own.

And that’s why we need to act fast.

Let’s start with a complimentary Telephone Consultation that will let you SEE for your self what makes us so different from all the other options you’ve got.

…And WHY we’re likely to be your best option if you want an end to back pain that doesn’t involve medication.

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Here’s to returning you to great health,

Paul Gough 🙂

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P.S I should have mentioned…

Physio here is RISK FREE… because all that you receive from us if FULLY GUARANTEED.

We make you VERY happy with what we do for you and you leave our care THRILLED, or you never have to pay.

I want all of my clients to be very happy and that includes you NAME…

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