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“Why is Paul Gough’s Physio Place My BEST Option…?”

More tips here, too: www.paulgoughphysio.com/neck-shoulder-pain

I LOVE this question:

Here it is word for word from another reader of my emails like you…

= = =

“Paul, someone close to me told me that I should go and try physio because it will help my neck pain.

Will it do anything for my shoulder pain too?

And I also want to know why everyone tells me that what you do, is my best option. How can they all be so sure?”

Person asked to remain nameless. Aged 58, from Durham.

= = =

In a round about way, I think what’s being asked in here is this:

“Why are WE (Paul Gough’s Physio Team) likely
to be the BEST option to end neck AND shoulder pain”?

Okay, here goes…

Everything we do, we do all day long.

That means we spend most of the day helping people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, get quickly over things like neck and shoulder pain.

And although I’m biased, we’ve gotten very good at it these last ten years.

Proof and reason why companies like “ASDA” and “Coast and Country” will only use my team if their staff or workforce suffer from neck and shoulder injuries that happen at work — they know that we are very good at what we do, and what we do, works fast.


Everything we do, we do by hand.

Might sound obvious, but many physios these days will not and do not not know how to work on you physically and in person, using expert techniques and skills applied by hand.

Take *Massage* for example.

It is easily the fastest way to get relief from tight and tense muscles in the neck and shoulder.

But the NHS and most other private physios won’t do it.


Because it’s hard work.

And it takes some effort from the physio.

They’re happy to give out just some exercises, maybe pop you onto a fancy ultrasound machine that looks great and sounds effective, but does ZERO to help get you active and healthy.

And not forgetting this one we do:

“Manual Re-alignment” of your neck joints.

It’s a very gentle and yet expert technique that works FAST at getting to and stopping the root cause of the problem by loosening stiff joints with some gentle rocking and putting them back into place.

Which if you’re in your 50’s, or a few years either side, will likely be joints that have stiffened and locked.

And this is what leads to the shoulder muscle tension, and a lack of movement at both.

(Why you might struggle to turn your neck to look over yor shoulder…)

So, when you combine the *Massage* and *Manual Re-alignment*, and then add the bets exercises, not only do you get RELIEF from pain fast, it’s also natural (i.e. doesn’t involve painkillers), and it means it’s very unlikely to come back anytime soon.

And that’s the goal, right?

Relief that LASTS?

In a nut shell, I’d say all of that’s why we’re your BEST option.

And we’d love to talk to you more about all of that and how we can get it to work specifically for YOU:

Arrange the initial Phone Call back here:

And we’ll even show you why we’re different from anyone else in town.

Why what we’ll do for you will be nothing like you’ve ever tried before.

– AND –

Even why most people who start out sceptical about phsyio go on to LOVE what we do and how it has EVERYTHING to do with what happens the very first time we speak on the phone…

Arrange the initial Phone Call back here:

Talk to you VERY soon,

Paul 😉

P.S You will LOVE the phone call…

And I guarantee you’ll get a nice FEEL for the culture and the experience that is set up here and all that is waiting for you to come and enjoy.

Plus, we’ll give away lots of handy hints and tips that will make a difference to your health and lifestyle, right away.

You’ll practically get a full, Initial Consultation, with a great physio – for FREE, from the comfort of your own home.

Arrange the initial Phone Call back here:

More tips here, too: www.paulgoughphysio.com/neck-shoulder-pain

Paul Gough
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