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“Why LOUISE now REGRETS Taking GP Advice” (ankle pain)

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“Meet Louise”

Louise came to us having made the *CLASSIC* and very common mistake of going to the GP and being told to rest.

But, after weeks (and then months) of being inactive, and making two more trips back to the same GP, only to be told the same thing, just to be given different painkillers…she EVENTUALLY decided to do something different.

Thanks to GOOGLE, she found some great reviews about “US”.

And eventually conceded to herself that rest really wasn’t the right answer, and that Specialist Physio, likely was 😉


She LOVES to walk and run on the Hills and Fells.

She travels all over the UK and Scotland to do it as a hobby with her partner and it’s something that is a BIG part of her life.

So when she found out that the advice she was given by her GP was not only WRONG, but it had cost her LOTS of time she could (and should) have been able to spend out walking or running, she was very annoyed (with the GP).

(She lost 6 months in total…)

So it was the *FRUSTRATION* of being inactive (and some bad advice from her GP) that brough Louise to us.

Anyway, it didn’t take long to show her what was really going wrong with her foot.

Explain to her why rest was NEVER going to improive things like she was led to beleive…

And with a bit of hands on work on her now VERY stiff foot, after just a few short weeks we got her fixed up good and proper and able to get back on them Hills and Fells, like she loves to do.

But, don’t take my word for it…

Louise has gone on camera to tell you her story and to warn you off from making the same mistake as she did:

Which was:

====> Waiting for longer than she should have to get *Specialist* help <====

Click the image below and hear Louise’s FULL story, in her own words:

Amongst other things, here how she was impressed how we expalined everything to her, put her mind at rest IMMEDIATELY

– AND –

Find out early on in the video why she admits to feeling as though she was “stranded in mid air” because she left it for so long…

Maybe that’s how YOU are feeling?

If it is, and after watching the short video, you’re ready to get a great experience from Physio and positive results like we gave Louise, then start here:

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Louise started reading these very same emails and realised that her BEST option WAS Specialist Physio:

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We’d love to help you out like we did Louise.

Talk soon,

Paul 😉

P.S When we talk…

We’ll show you what makes us different, why we almost NEVER advise rest or painkillers for foot and ankle pain


You’ll discover WHY, if your goal is to be pain free AND to get active, we could be the BEST option for ANY person over the age of 40.

Start here…We’ve made it VERY easy to fill out the form and make a simple request to talk to an expert Physio:

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Paul Gough
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