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Why Painkillers DON’T help *Ankle Sprains* (…And What Does!)

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Why do they even give them out to people like you suffering with foot and ankle pain?

There’s a whole basket of reasons why they do.

But the obvious one is that it offers a very quick and easy “solution”.

(For them…)

Sure, they’ve got Pharmacies attached to their surgeries and some will receive an income from the prescriptions cashed their, but I don’t think that’s why they do it.

It’s purely because it gets you out of their hair.

And at first, painkillers feel nice and them giving you some form of “help”… ticks their boxes.

But is it the BEST type of help?

(Most people would say “NOT”…)

There’s a not a person I have helped in the last 11 years who doesn’t want FAST relief from their ankle pain.

(Human nature…)

But thankfully, all of the people who come and see me do so because they want a REAL solution.

And really deep, down, what they want is to feel healthy,
get active, and to be pain free doing it.

(As in, find a proper fix to the underlying issue…)

Not just a “quick fix” that means their problems getting worse, in the end.

> Right now, joints in YOUR ankle are “STUCK” < Causing all of the Achilles at the back to tighten, and shorten, creating "tension" and likely even more pain. That means for you to get the LASTING relief from pain you want, the ankle needs to be made "un-stuck". *And there’s no way that any painkillers can do that*.

Sure, they mask the pain for a few weeks, but your problem is still there, and likely to be getting worse.

And when the prescription runs out, what then?

You’d STILL have an ankle joint that doesn’t work properly.

(Queue back and knee pain, soon enough, too)

If you’re aged 45+
and want to live FREE from medication AND ankle pain and stiffness, you need to be worked on by hand.

My style of Physio offers a very natural, three step solution that is proven to bring an end to pain, tension, tightness (…and stiffness) and get you exercising pain free within days


Physio will STOP your pain BEFORE it gets any WORSE.

Physio will PREVENT you loosing the ability to turn your ankle when you twist…

Physio will even PREVENT any unwanted back, hip or knee pain…

And PHYSIO will even let you go to bed on a night knowing that you’re going to be able to step out of it on a morning without being in pain, or taking 20 minutes for to warm up. —

And ALL that would be nice, right?

If you’re at all interested in living healthy like that, then you’re a “perfect fit” for us.

As in, we LOVE to help people like you.

And we’d like to talk to you first
and show you how easy it’s going to be to help you.

Best, if your problem is like all the others we’ve seen in the last 11 years, we’ll likely be able to solve it for you in DAYS.

(How long have you been suffering so far?…)

Lets stop your pain by following this simple, three step plan:

= = =

* Find out what’s wrong and create a plan of attack

* Gentle manual re-alignment of your stiff ankle joint and massage of tight muscles (to ease pain naturally)

* BEST exercises to do at home to speed up the recovery process

= = =

We’ve done this many times before.

So I can promise you it WORKS.

(And I know you’ll leave H.A.P.P.Y…)

No need to book, just start here:

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And we’ll start on the phone by giving you LOTS of advice and TIPS and we’ll show you exactly what makes our style of Physio so different from all of the others.

After that, if you wanted to come and see us “in-person”… we’d LOVE to take care of you.

Either way, you’re going to be VERY happy you made just an enquiry here:

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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

P.S The call is worth at least £35… but we’re giving it to you FREE and it will make you very happy.

If it doesn’t and you think we wasted your time, I’ll GIFT you a FREE IN-PERSON session at one of my clinics with a TOP PHYSIO, to compensate you for it.

What have you got to loose?

Let’s talk…

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Paul Gough
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