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Why Some STUDENT Physios Know More (Than Most GP’s)

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ANOTHER Email reader wants to know why his GP so often gets it wrong:


“Paul… I’m confused why I have to go and see the GP to ask about something like what I’ve been suffering with in my neck.

Doesn’t it make sense to have Specilaist Physios like you on the front line, so to speak, so that we can access the right advice, from the right person and early?

Or, I am I just one of the unlucky ones with a GP surgery absent of a single GP who doesn’t seem confident when it comes to muscles and stiffness, and the likes people my age suffer from”?

Bryan. 63, Conniscliffe Rd Area, Darlington.

= = =

I’ll have to admit that I’ve tried to avoid answering this type of question, but it just keeps getting asked.

So, I’ll go ahead and answer it as best as I can…

General Practitioners:

I think they do a marvelous job at recognising and giving out prescripns for disease and Illness.

I’ve got friends who are GP’s.

And LOTS of GP’s come and see me asking for help.

But therein lies the problem ^.

The very FACT that GP’s come and ASK someone like me (a physio) for help and advice with their own physical ill-health, doesn’t fill you with confidence that they’re the right people to be answering your concerns on such topics.

Sure, some of them have a little bit of an idea…

(What’s wrong…)

But I always get the impression and suspect that they’ve studied their old medical text books, the night before coming to see me.

(Because of course, they don’t want to appear not to know…)

And sometime they get it right.

But often times, they get it spectacularly WRONG.

Here’s a TRUE story from a while back:

Back when I was a student learning my craft, I worked in NHS Hospitals as part of my learning.

And I’d regularly be in a hospital where I’d see people who had been referred by the GP for things like neck and shoulder problems.

And EVERY single referral letter I ever got when working there, would have a “diagnosis” from the GP.

I.e. his opinion on what he thinks is wrong — and his suggestions for my treatment of the person in question that he’d reffered (for physio).

But here’s the thing:

I’d say 9-10 (easy) were WRONG.

And it made my job VERY difficult.


See, I then had to explain to the person sat in front of me that what the GP had originally told them was WRONG…

…And set about correcting the diagnosis and creating a care plan appropriate (to what they really had).

As you can imagine, sometimes it took some persuading that a “student physio” knows more about these things than a fully qualified GP.

But it’s often true!

And it’s the reason why sooooooo’ many people are left suffering and confused, wondering why their shoulder problem won’t seem to go away.

And in the last ten years and since I qualified, it hasn’t gotten any better.

I’d say the GP referral and diagnosis system is getting worse.

And it’s happening because they simply don’t have the time like they used to to give you the care you deserve.

– And –

Many GP’s just won’t open up to the fact that they simply don’t know.

(What’s wrong)

But if they admitted that — they’d actually be helping you out in a BIG way.

Becuase that would leave you knowing that you had to keep looking for a SOLID and RELIABLE solution — rather than live in the hope and mis guided belief that the GP knows best.

He (the GP) most definitely knows best about things like illness and disease… but NOT when it comes to what you’re suffering with.

Only SPECIALIST PHYSIOS are the people who do!

My tip: If you want a real solution, that lasts –> Skip GENERAL advice completely.

Those who do, are left only feeling VERY happy that they did.


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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

P.S I LOVE the NHS and I love most GP’s… I just think they’re put in a “no win” situation.

We’re the only western country in the world who puts a Generalist in a hot seat that a specialist should be sitting in.

Unfortunately, doing so makes it very difficult like you to get the BEST kind of advice and help you need.

You can have it ALL here though:

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Paul Gough
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