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Why This One Injured GOLFER Wanted To See Me “3 x PER DAY…”

Let’s reminisce…

Back when I was working in the Physio Room’s of the Professional Football clubs, I would often come home with hands so painful that I couldn’t even send text messages from my phone.

It would happen because one of the most important parts of my job was to work on my injured players “BY HAND”.

And me doing at least TWENTY (30 minutes at a time), DEEP tissue massages to help recover injured muscles such as hamstring, Achilles, calf, quads and even ligaments of knees and ankles which had been sprained, would NOT be uncommon.

It was a pretty standard day.

(And it would really take its toll on my hands and fingers…)

On a typical day, EACH injured player would get from me AT LEAST 3 x 30 deep tissue massages which would usually start happening about 3-5 days after they got injured.

When I tell my clients this story… lots of them are shocked at the amount of “treatment” injured professionals receive.

And it always makes my clients realise just how important what I’m doing for them really is.

And it also dispels any “myths” that float around out there largely fuelled by GP’s and people who don’t know any better, that “nothing can be done” (…for sports injuries) except rest, put some ice on and just wait for time.

But what most people don’t know…  is the real reason WHY something like massage is so important.

Sure, it’s to speed up recovery.

(And that it does…)

But why I was so relentless with the “massage” (for my injured players) is because it’s the most PROVEN way to stop the injury from happening AGAIN.

I’ve mentioned to you already in previous messages that “scar tissue” is building inside your ligament, “band”, joint, or muscle everyday since you got injured.

There’s not a person alive it doesn’t happen too and if you’re aged 40+, it is going to have a more detrimental impact, too.

And it’s that “scar tissue” that deep massage “attacks”.

And if we didn’t do the massage, starting as early as three days after injury, then there would be a HUGE risk that my player would suffer from that same injury, again and again and again.

And that’s NOT good when you’re livelihood depends on your being “fit” to play.

…I’m guessing that your livelihood may not depend on your ability to play golf, run or cycle?

But I bet your ENJOYMENT and LOTS of satisfaction in life, does?

You going to see a Sports Injury Specialist and getting the same deep tissue massage techniques and worked over like the pro’s will see you return to fitness much more quickly AND see you safer at the other end.

Meaning you can go back to doing what you LOVE without ANY fear of breaking down again.

Now, I’m not suggesting you come to see me 3 x per day (although  I’ve had some clients (golfers mainly) who have hinted at it…)

I know that if you’ve left it this long and nothing has changed since you gotten injured, that even just ONE very deep tissue massage WILL make a huge difference to your ability to safely exercise again.

And that would be nice, right?

Lets start by talking on the phone:

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You can tell me all about your injury and I’ll show you what I can do to help.It WILL include deep tissue massage whatever your injury, but I’ll also tell you about my secret exercise routines that you must be doing “on a ball” that will HELP you recover QUICKER and is perfect if you want to reduce the risk of being injured again, when you do.

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After we’ve spoken, if you like the sound of what I propose to do to help, you can request to become one of my clients and I’ll set about restoring your fitness quicker and easier than any other way you could find.

Won’t take me long, either.

Talk soon,Paul ;=)
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P.S I GUARANTEE to get you fit…

And if I don’t have you back on the track, on the green or on your bike feeling as good as you did “pre-injury”, then you can rightly ask for all of your money back.

It’s my firm promise to all my clients and means you can NOT leave my clinic unhappy or feeling as though your investment in your health wasn’t worth it.

I will get you fit… or you don’t pay for my time.

What have you got to loose?

Pleas start here though:

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Paul Gough
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