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Yoga At Your Desk?

Got something that you’re going to find useful (and healthy) for you to look at …

(Be sure to read the P.S section …)

So, on way way home from Boston on Monday night I picked up a magazine in the airport which caught my attention…

It was all about ways to be healthier at work, and specifically, what to about the dangers of seeding a lot of time sat down OR at a desk.

To cut a long story short…

I really liked some of the “tips” inside the Mag for quick easy ways to stretch your body and protect yourself from the problems (of which there are many) associated with sitting for too long.

First, I shared these with my staff.

And, I want you and all the people in you office to know about these too.

So, here you go, three quick easy ways to introduce a touch of YOGA into your office that is going to leave your body more flexible, muscles less tense, and you looking and feeling a lot healthier if you do them:

(Turn on Images to see your prezzie from Paul)

I hope you can see the pic ^.

If you have any problems seeing it or reading it, or you would like a photo copy of it sending to your home or office, please just reply to the email and we’ll cheerfully do it for you.


Paul 😉

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Paul Gough
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