How To Eliminate Knee Pain In Time For Christmas

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How To Eliminate Knee Pain In Time For Christmas

Are you worried your knee pain may get in the way of your busy festive plans?

We know Christmas is a very busy time for some. Whether it be visiting relatives, playing with the grandchildren on Christmas Day or putting the decorations up, there’s always something exciting happening.

If niggling knee pain is a worry for you right now, we have some simple solutions to eliminate knee pain and discomfort so you can enjoy Christmas pain-free.

Two Common Causes of Knee Pain

Having knee pain is common and something we regularly see in our clinics. There are many possible reasons for your knee pain from a pulled muscle to arthritis. Here are two common causes and symptoms of knee pain explained.

Knee Pain Related Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is very common for people in their 50’s to have, in fact, it’s the most common type of arthritis in the UK.

It’s simply a condition that causes the joints to become stiffer over time. It may feel like your knee is stiff and painful at certain times of the day, or it could feel worse after long periods of activity.

If you have arthritis you may have been told it’s just a part of getting old, however our team have worked with lots of arthritis sufferers who have been able to drastically reduce pain and discomfort without relying on painkillers.

Incorrect Foot Positioning Causing Knee Pain

Did you know that your feet may be contributing to your knee pain?

If your feet are not in the correct position when standing and walking, you could be experiencing muscular imbalances which puts unnecessary stress on your muscles as they try to keep your body aligned.

These stressed muscles start to become painful and can be the root cause of your knee pain which is why it keeps coming back.

How To Eliminate Knee Pain Without Painkillers, Injections or Surgery


A natural solution to knee pain can come from custom orthotics which correct muscular imbalances.

Orthotics are simply an insole that fits into your shoes and can help stabilise the distribution of weight across your foot. A great advantage to custom orthotic insoles is that they’re easy to use and tailored to the issue you are facing. This can massively speed up recovery and improvements can be noticed within a few weeks of use.

If you decide to use orthotic insoles, another benefit is that you should notice that you experience less fatigue when standing or walking for a long period of time. This will be great at Christmas when you’re walking around the shops getting last minute presents!

Low Impact Activities

Another great way to improve knee pain is to do some low-impact exercise. Some examples of this include swimming, walking and yoga.

Swimming in particular is an activity that can strengthen the muscles whilst being friendly to your knees. The buoyancy of the water will support your body weight which reduces the impact on your joints meaning you can exercise with little to no pain.

If you’ve tried to get into exercise before and been frustrated that your knee pain has flared up, switching to these low impact activities could be a good idea.

If you do low impact exercise regularly, you should find your muscles begin to strengthen and you won’t experience as much knee pain. This will mean that you’re able to stand, walk or do your favourite activities for longer without annoying knee pain getting in the way.

Wearing Correct Footwear

If you think your feet are contributing to your knee pain, you may want to consider your footwear choice.

Your shoes should help in the alignment of your foot to ensure your joints are in line.

The soles of your shoes should be stiff in the middle and flexible at the toe with support wrapping around the foot.

This means shoes like high heels, sandals and flip flops aren’t a good choice of footwear.

How Physiotherapy Can Eliminate Your Knee Pain

If your knee pain has been getting worse and you’re worried it’s going to ruin your Christmas plans, physiotherapy could provide the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our team have worked with hundreds of patients suffering with knee pain just like you and could get you pain-free and moving normally again by Christmas!

Right now we are currently experiencing extremely high demand in our clinics, but we are offering a limited number of free knee pain consultations.

In your knee pain consultation, you can find out more about physiotherapy and understand the best treatment options available to you.

Arrange your free knee pain consultation with our simple webform, or if you prefer to talk over the telephone, you can call us on 01429 866 771.

More Natural, Drug-Free Solution To Your Knee Pain

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