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Clinic Update 17-07-2024: Due to long waiting lists on the NHS, physio demand in the North East is exceptionally high. Our appointments are limited due to the severe demand, please contact us as soon as possible.

“Are you looking for Physiotherapy in Guisborough?”

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Paul Gough Physio Rooms is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Guisborough, providing treatments for people aged 50+, keeping them mobile, active, out of the doctor's office and depending on painkillers.

Physiotherapy In Guisborough

Do you want to put an end to daily muscle pain and joint stiffness that been stopping you from doing the things you love for months (or even years)?

We have helped THOUSANDS of patients with private physiotherapy in Guisborough which has enabled them to relieve aches, move more freely and finally get the results they wanted!

Often patients visit us after seeing the GP and the only advice given is to take painkillers and rest, or that it's just part of getting old.

For other patients, they've tried braces, supports or just tried at-home exercises but been frustrated because the discomfort is only getting worse.

How Private Physiotherapy In Guisborough Can Help You

With private physiotherapy in Guisborough, our expert team can help you recover from back, knee, neck and shoulder injuries, or drastically reduce tight muscles and reduced mobility that often strikes when we reach our 50's.

As well as first class service from a friendly team, we can provide a fast and accurate diagnosis and discuss this with you in a simple, jargon-free way so you know exactly what the issue is, and what the best options are for you.

Due to the long waiting lists of the NHS, demand for private physiotherapy in Guisborough is very high, and appointments are severely limited. Enquire About Cost and Availability now to start your journey to a happier, pain-free future.

We have over 125 reviews on Google and a 5 star rating across each of our four North East clinics, and lots of patient testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.


1 Chaloner Street
TS14 6QD
Tel: 01287 555 525
Contact: Kayla


Approaching from Great Ayton (A173), Stokesley (A172), Nunthorpe and M’boro (A171):

Approaching from Skelton (B1269), Redcar and Saltburn (B1268), Whitby and Scarborough:


For parking, we recommend that you try Fountain Street car park. The entrance for this can be accessed if you continue on Bow Street to the traffic lights, then turn right onto Rectory Lane.  The entrance is on the right immediately after you turn. It will cost you £1.00 for the first 2 hours. If you have a parking disc you can also park on Westgate high street for 2 hours.

If you’re coming for your appointment after 6pm you can park in the loading bays directly immediately outside of the clinic. You can also use the loading bays during the day to be dropped off or to be picked up if someone else is driving the car.

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Guisborough Reception
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