How To Get Better Sleep If You Have Neck Pain

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How To Get Better Sleep If You Have Neck Pain

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of neck pain, it can feel like no matter what effort you make there’s never any relief.

It’s an incredibly frustrating experience that can lead to tiredness and exhaustion during the day, resulting in poor focus and concentration at work and in your daily tasks around the house.

For some of our patients, it can even cause headaches and dizziness, stopping them from exercising or enjoying looking after their grandchildren for the day.

But you shouldn’t worry too much as there are some easy solutions to get better sleep if you have neck pain.

In this post, we’re exploring simple changes like a new pillow, and mattress and how you can alter your sleeping position to get a refreshing night’s sleep and wake up ready to start your day without neck pain bothering you!

Consider A New Mattress

Having the correct type of mattress to sleep on is a crucial step to achieving better sleep even though you have neck pain.

Soft mattresses can be too squishy and cause your body to sink into them resulting in poor sleep quality.

The same can be said of a firm mattress, this can make you even more uncomfortable and make your neck pain worse, which we’re sure you don’t want to happen!

The ideal mattress choice for people who have neck pain is a medium-firm mattress constructed with memory foam.

This material is great for providing comfortable contouring support to your body throughout the night encouraging a natural sleeping position with the correct spinal alignment.

Consider A New Pillow

Your pillow is the foundation of where you lay for at least 8 hours of the day, so your pillow choice is fundamental to ensure you don’t make your neck pain worse.

If your pillow is too hard, it will push against your neck, creating even more pain and preventing you from getting the sleep you need.

Too soft, and your pillow won’t provide enough support to keep your neck in proper alignment during the night.

Right Now We Have…

Did you know that we currently stock the ideal pillow to help your neck pain while you sleep and help you to wake up fresh and well-rested?

Our orthotic pillows are comfortable, made from luxurious memory foam, and fully adjustable to your neck problems giving you an ultimate chance to become neck pain-free during sleep!

Usually, you will find that the cheap alternatives will only cater to side or back sleepers, ours does ALL positions, even front sleepers!

Statistically, you spend one-third of your life in bed, why wouldn’t you indulge yourself in a pillow that can let you enjoy sleep while reducing neck pain?

Interested? You can book a free telephone consultation with one of our physiotherapists where you can ask the questions you have about our orthotic pillows and see if it’s the best option for you.

Arrange your free telephone consultation by filling in our simple web form or if you prefer to talk on the telephone, you can call us on 01429 866 771.

For you to get the best out of your new pillow, we also offer a free fitting session where one of our expert physios will ensure your pillow is fully tailored to you to maximise your chance of getting a good night’s sleep, free from neck pain.

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